1 in 485,000

Ladies. How would you feel if a man told you you’re 1 in 485,000? Not so special, I’d imagine! Well, when I felt compelled to share my love for fitness and healthy living through a blog, I turned to google.com to see just how original idea is. Sweet! There are nearly half a million others out there with my idea. So much for being original.

In a time when you’re all rushing – to work, from a meeting, to the gym, back home – or any and all of the above – sometimes it’s nice to take a few moments for ourselves. 

And that’s where my blog was born. 

As I’m encroaching upon my 31st birthday (and subsequently, my 32nd year of life), I’m doing something I’ve never done before. I’m taking a good, long look in the mirror.

With my reflection staring back at me, I’m asking myself:

  • What do I love about the woman staring back at me?
  • Which accomplishments am I most proud of?
  • What have my hard times taught me?
  • Who am I surrounding myself with? Are they making me a better woman? Are they supportive and uplifting?
  • What patterns do I continue to repeat? Which do I need to let go of? 
I personally think a lot of us are in the same boat. Young(ish) – 30 is still young, right?! – women who are trying to do it all. We’re trying to keep ourselves healthy (on the inside and outside). We’re juggling demanding careers – whether that’s a corporate 8-6 or not – and family, friends, hobbies, traveling, etc. We’re trying to make time to squeeze in wine nights with girlfriends without compromising date nights (single, married or anywhere between). We’re attempting to say YES more times than we say NO. But really, how many hours are there in a day? 

My hope with this blog is that we become a community. A community of women who share life experiences – from epic Pinterest baking fails (WHY does it always look so easy when you pin it?!?! Note – marshmallows expand under the broiler. This is one case where more is NOT always better) to stories of splitting ones Lululemon crops mid-deadlift (As you side-step your way awkwardly out of the gym…. “NOTHING to see here, people!”). Through this blog, I hope to share my funny life experiences, and hear about yours. We can laugh at the epic fails, rejoice in the wonderful moments, and laugh our perky asses off through this windy road of life! 

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you like what you read 🙂


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