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10 Fit Chick Habits

1) Never miss a Monday workout.Simply put, this is a great way to start your week. You start right, you stay right. Get a good sweat sesh in every Monday – whether it’s first thing in the morning, during your lunch hour, or in the evening. Find what works for you and make it happen.… Continue reading 10 Fit Chick Habits

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5 Things to Stop Worrying About.

Photo from In life, there is always an abundance of things we cannot control. Yet for reasons I cannot determine, we spend an exurbanite amount of time worrying about them. The thing is, it all begins and ends in our minds. Whatever we give power to, has power over us. Only if we allow… Continue reading 5 Things to Stop Worrying About.

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The Time I Tried… Orangetheory

As a self-confessed sufferer of workout ADD, I’m always down to try a new workout. One of my best friends also happens to be a workout junkie (like attracts like!) and when Melissa suggested I meet her to check out Orangetheory, I was down! I was greeted by someone at the front desk and handed… Continue reading The Time I Tried… Orangetheory

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Lessons I’ve Learned from My Mother

I was lucky enough to be able to ring in my mom’s birthday with her and our family this week… and in honor of her, I thought it appropriate to share a few life lessons she has imparted on me over my lifetime. ·      Express Gratitude.  All the thank you notes. The thank you… Continue reading Lessons I’ve Learned from My Mother

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6 Things You Should Know About Yourself

The Sex and the City quote may be cliche, but it’s true. I can’t stress enough how freeing it is to know yourself. I mean really know yourself. Know what makes you tick, what brings a smile to your face and contentment to your heart. It’s not easy – and it’s certainty not an overnight job. But boy is… Continue reading 6 Things You Should Know About Yourself

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The Time I Tried… Meditating

It’s no secret that meditation is supposed to work wonders on your mind and body, and now  research shows it can even help you at work. In a recent study published in Journal of Workplace Behavioral Health, nurses who implemented a mindfulness-based stress reduction program (a mix of mindfulness meditation, yoga, stretching, and group discussions) felt… Continue reading The Time I Tried… Meditating

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5 Go-To Supplements for a Sound Nutritional Program!

For anyone who loves to train hard, it’s understood that a solid training regimen and clean diet are the best ways to achieve a strong, lean body. However, a typically overlooked area is a sound nutritional program! After doing years of research, I have found an arsenal of key supplements I take to help improve… Continue reading 5 Go-To Supplements for a Sound Nutritional Program!