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The Time I Tried… Orangetheory

As a self-confessed sufferer of workout ADD, I’m always down to try a new workout. One of my best friends also happens to be a workout junkie (like attracts like!) and when Melissa suggested I meet her to check out Orangetheory, I was down!

I was greeted by someone at the front desk and handed a heart rate monitor that I was told to strap around my chest, under my bra line and towards my left side (closer to the heart!). Our trainer walked me through the area, showing me the treadmills, rowers and weight room. She explained the overall idea behind the hour long workout and pointed out the monitors hanging above – which displayed the name of each participant along with our heart rate and total calories burned. What I love most about working out with Melissa is how much we push each other. Seeing our names emblazoned above got me excited and ensured I’d push myself the entire time.

It forced me to do cardio. Despite being an avid runner, I really don’t like cardio. I find it to be so boring – running the treadmill, climbing the stairs that lead nowhere… just seems like I could be doing so much more with my time. HOWEVER, at Orangetheory, the lights are dim, the tunes are pumping and you’re watching your heart rate and total calorie burn rise. It just happened to be a bonus that I got to do it alongside my BFF!

I didn’t have time to think. The class moves so fast, that you’re never in one place long enough to get bored. I really don’t enjoy rowing (thank you CrossFit!) but the time on the rower moved so fast, it was over before I realized it. 

It combines weights and cardio. I loved sprinting it out on the treadmill and then running over to do shoulder presses and other weight-related movements. It combined the calorie burning effects of cardio plus the fun and longer burn of weight lifting. Yay!

You get a progress report after class. I thought this was SO neat. Orangetheory emails you a copy of your report immediately following class. Mine is below – 624 calories in less than an hour – not too shabby!!
All in all, I really enjoyed my experience at Orangetheory. If you’re looking for a great way to get in a good burn and fun workout, go check them out. The franchise is ever-expanding and if you live near any metro area, you should easily find one!!

What about you? Ever try the growing franchise? What was your experience?


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