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Meal Prep. Like.A.Boss!

The Plan
For the next three weeks, My coach Steve Payne has me on a strict nutrition/workout plan so we can see how my metabolism and body responds. The diet is super clean, and thankfully I’ve never been a fan of condiments, sodas, salad dressings, etc. so eating plain/bland foods is fine by me. But my sweet tooth?! The struggle is REAL. For the next three weeks, there is ZERO room for cheat meals. That means for 21 days (you know I’m counting!) there is no margin for error. Luckily, Steve has allotted me some fruit and protein powder… so those will have to sustain me. I’ll be eating 7 meals a day, with specific measurements for all the food categories below. My digital scale has quickly become my new friend. And speaking of new friends, I may have just raised Tupperware’s stock yesterday. If you’re interested in embarking on a similar challenge, I definitely recommend reaching out to Steve or another certified coach. He can help design a plan custom tailored to you and your goals! Below is a list of what I purchased in preparation for a fun-filled afternoon of cooking to last me the next three days.   

What I bought:

My cart!
Prep in full effect!!

Boneless, skinless chicken breasts
Sweet potatoes
Green beans
Prenatal (I’m trying to grow out my hair)
Three packages of lean ground turkey
Brown rice
Egg whites
Old fashioned oats
Broccoli medley
Non-fat plain greek yogurt
Brown rice cakes
2% fat cottage cheese
Whey protein

What the aftermath looked like!!

Thoughts during prep…

“I’ve been cooking for an hour. Surely I must be close to finished.”
“Holy shit, this is a lot of food.”
“Wait. Where did all the groceries go?”
“How the crap do I use this digital scale?”
“Surely this must be 4 oz of grilled chicken. Mother f’er, it’s 9 oz.” Sad face as I cut it in half and put the other piece back in the pan.
“Okay, three hours later and I’m done. I have to do this again three days?!?! I need a nap.”

How I Feel
I wonder if anyone else leaves themselves cute
motivational notes?! 🙂

The good news is, I have time to get show ready. Some women opt to squeeze comp prep into 12 weeks, but I’m about 22 weeks out. Steve and I agreed best to ease me into this lifestyle. Despite working out 6 days a week beforehand, I ate clean-ish during the week but totally let myself enjoy the weekends – indulging in desserts, burgers, wine galore… You catch my drift. Those days are behind me for now and while I am quite honestly terrified, I am thrilled nonetheless. This will be trying physically for sure (I just completed my first leg day workout this morning and nearly tossed my cookies when I finished!), but for me – this is a test of my mental state and spirit. I want to be strong enough to motivate others, show that we can do anything we set our mind to. I want to show women that strong is sexy and you don’t have to always be a size zero (although Steve does think my tiny waist and already small frame will be assets come show time!) – so long as you’re healthy and confident in your skin. I’ve always been reticent to share, but I spent over a third of my life struggling with an eating disorder that had a vice-like grip on me. It prevented me from living life to the fullest, starting at the age of 13, and my journey to becoming healthy has taken time. I still consider it a work in progress, but I get closer each day. Now, instead of looking in the mirror analyzing my body for flaws, I see strength and resilience. A small waist, big brown eyes, toned legs, a huge smile… I’ve taught myself to look for all that is beautiful – and accept the few things I cannot change. Because loving your body will get you further than hating it ever will.

Any questions? Anyone out there in prep mode or looking to compete? I’d love to hear from you!


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