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Lessons Learned: 2nd Week of NPC Bikini Prep Complete!

Happy Tuesday, Readers!
I hope everyone had a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend. I’m happy to report today is the mark of week #3 of my road to my first NPC bikini competition and I’m feeling great!
Memorial Day weekend was full of fun events – I taught a great barre class in the park (awesome group of ladies + sunshine = happy me!), went to my first pig roast at a friend’s farm where I brought and ate my own meal – cheated with a tiny glass of rose (sorry Coach Steve!), had some great downtime with Lucy, hit new PRs in the gym (WOO HOO!) and finished a yummy meal prep with new recipes! Some fun photos from my weekend 🙂
Much like I mentioned in my previous post, I am still relying on my coaches for support on everything from weighing my food (is it ounces or grams?!) to motivation (am I progressing enough week over week??). I have my first posing class this Saturday – and can’t wait to get in the gym and meet some like-minded folks who are working towards the same goals as I am.  
Prior to competition prep, I loathed rest days. Now, my body actually calls for it. On my current program, I rest on Sundays and Mondays – but I still manage to stay active somehow. Yesterday I hit the trails with a friend, walking the 5 mile route I ran pre-comp prep. It feels great to have an active rest day to stretch out these sore muscles of mine. I am still training legs three days a week (one day heavy weights/quad focused, one day glute focused, one day body weight/HIIT) and I can already feel the strength increasing (new squat and leg press PRs hit this morning!).
After sending my progress pics to Coach Steve this morning, I received news that this weekend I can have my first cheat meal! SO looking forward to checking out a new Mexican restaurant here in Atlanta: Skinny margs, steak fajitas and fro yo have my name ALL over them 🙂 Steve said go enjoy an appetizer, entree and dessert (with a cocktail or two to boot!) and I plan to savor each and every bite! This past Saturday I went to a Braves game; chicken, cucumber and sweet potato in tow. It’s a bit funny lugging around a bag of food everywhere I go, but my friends don’t seem to mind and I haven’t bat an eyelash at watching other folks eat foods that are not part of my meal plan. Interestingly enough, my chocolate cravings have diminished substantially!! Each night (for my 6th meal), I blend up half a frozen banana with ice, water, and a scoop of protein powder and I swear it tastes even better than a frosty! Healthy cheat that completely satisfies my sweet tooth, sans guilt! #winning
Mental State
I’ll say it’s not easy waking up at 5:30am to hit the gym hard before a demanding work day, saying no to wine/sweets, or going to bed at 9:30pm – but I’m proud of myself for staying focused and determined. The sacrifices I’m making each day are a drop in the bucket when I think about my larger goal – bringing my best package to my show, but more importantly, proving to myself that I am strong and capable of anything I set my mind to. Today may only be day 16, but I feel great and am excited for the weeks and months to come!


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