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What a Week of Fitness Competition Training Workouts Look Like

I’ve been asked quite a bit lately about my training regimen. My coaches have me on a 5 day on, 2 day off program – also known as a “lean bulk” phase. Bodybuilding.comhas a great article if you’re interested in learning more about lean bulking. Essentially, the goal is to build as much muscle mass as you can without putting on fat in the process. Everything from timing your carb intake to keeping track of macronutrients (fat, carbs, protein and calories) play a role in how we effectively gain muscle in a slow and steady way. With that being said, here is what a typical week of workouts look like:
Legs: 4 Sets, 10 Reps
squats – medium stance
leg extensions – two legs
hamstring curls – standing, single leg
reverse lunges – standing, bar, all on one leg then the other
inverted leg presses – medium stance
Back & Triceps: 4 Sets, 12 reps
pull ups – wide grip
tricep pushdowns – standing, cable, rope
pull ups – close grip
tricep pushdowns – standing, cable, v-bar
bent over rows – bar, wide grip, pronated grip
close hand presses – bar
single arm rows – knee on bench, dumb bell
nosebusters – lying, dumb bells, two arms
Calves 4 sets
calf raises – standing, L/R/Both – 15/15/15
Abs 4X15
roman chair – bent knee raises
Glutes & Chest: 4 Sets, 12 reps
flat bench presses – dumb bells, two arms
pullovers – lying (across bench), single dumb bell/two arms
butt blaster
reverse hyperextensions
hip lifts – body weight, lying on floor, single leg
pop squats
sumo squats – dumb bell/kettlebell, standing on two elevated step benches 2-3 blocks high, go deep allowing weight to drop between benches
split squats
Shoulders & Biceps: 4 Sets, 12 reps
side lateral raises – standing, dumb bells, two arms
preacher curls – ez-curl bar, close grip
arnold presses – seated, dumb bells, two arms
bicep curls – standing, bar, close grip
high rope pulls – split stance, cable, rope
bicep curls – standing, dumb bells, two arms, hammer grip
military presses – seated, machine, wide grip
preacher curls – dumb bell, single arm
Calves 4 sets
calf raises – seated
Abs 4X15
basic crunches
Legs: 4 Sets, 15 reps
walking lunges – body weight
box jumps
step ups – from floor, body weight, single leg, all on one leg then the other
jump squats
squats – body weight
As you can see, my training sessions are long! Legs and Tush are my favorite muscle groups to train, with shoulders and triceps coming in dead last (when will lateral raises get easier?!). Most workouts take at least an hour, sometimes 90 minutes as I find myself bopping around the gym from machine to free weights and back again.
All in all, I lovemy training. In addition to the lifting schedule you see above (that my awesome coaches change every week), I am doing 10 minutes of stairs 4x per week. Doesn’t sound like much – but head on over to one, crank that bad boy up, stand tall and DON’T hold on. 10 minutes feels like a lifetime! I’m also still teaching my barre classes which I just love. Not only do I feel like it helps keep me lean, but I just LOVE the studio – my fellow instructors and our awesome clients bring a huge smile to my face.

I do miss running. My coaches have taken away all forms of cardio other than stairs (these really help develop the hammies and tush if you drive through your heels) in fear I’ll just burn off any muscle I put on. Someone please remind me of this when I’m a month or so out from my show and living on the stairs. Mental note – enjoy eating 6-7 meals a day and lifting heavy with minimal cardio while I can! 
I’ve also been asked about progress pictures. While I plan to continue updating everyone, posting half naked pictures of myself still feels funny! But in the spirit of y’all being as awesome as you’ve been with your texts, calls, emails and words of encouragement – here is a little progress shot from this morning before my workout. The difference between the pictures is just TWO shoulder workouts. TWO! Amazing how fast our bodies respond when we listen and fuel ourselves with proper nutrition, lift heavy and recover as necessary!
Don’t mind the shameless 5am, no makeup selfie!
Not sure if the progress is as obvious to anyone else, but I see a huge difference in my delts. The “before” picture was taken right before I began prep, and you can see those little pencil arms/delts (speaking of – check out the sexy ass cap on my girl Melissa!!!). I think just two shoulder workouts have already grown my delts, which is significant since bikini competitions are won on:
1) Delts 2) Hamstrings 3) Glutes
As always – thanks for reading, and for the words of encouragement. From the bottom of my heart, I appreciate them all SO much. You guys are the best.

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