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Week Five: NPC Bikini Prep Complete!

Well, hello Week 5! You came fast 🙂


OMG. This past Saturday I had the brainy idea to run a 10k trail run up in the Goergia Mountains. Coach Steve warned me since I’ve been out of the cardio game for 5 weeks and basically work my legs to complete exhaustion with heavy weights nearly every day, the run would be challenging. I dismissed him – come on, I’m a runner!! Let’s just say I managed to text my girlfriend mid-race to let her know they should go ahead and grab breakfast, because I would be out there for awhile!! Running is usually like therapy for me, but this run was painful. Each and every hill felt like needles digging into my calves – but I tried my best to stay positive, focus on the beautiful scenery and the amazing friend and tall, dark and handsome company I had waiting at the finish line. Regarding training, Coach Steve bumped my cardio up to 15 minutes of stairs (no holding on!) 4x per week. Usually I can squeeze it in, sometimes I have to come back to the gym at night – either way, the extra 5 minutes hasn’t been anything I can’t manage. I still don’t know what’s longer – a stair mill minute or a microwave minute! I’ve also been picking up extra barre classes this week as one instructor moved, another is getting married and another is traveling. Sometimes teaching feels like a bit of extra wear and tear on the body, but our amazing clients always put a smile on my face and make it worthwhile! At the request of folks asking to see some progress pictures, here’s one – sans flexing. I’m finally getting some upper body definition and thankfully the waist continues to lean out (not bad considering I’m still bulking!). 

Another cheat meal! WOO HOO. Mushroom and leek pizza accompanied by red wine at Thirteen Pies here in Atlanta never tasted so good. Such a simple concept, but I thoroughly enjoyed tasting the quality ingredients (CHEESE!) as well as tasting all the notes in a delicious bottle of Malbec. Wonderful company doesn’t hurt, either 🙂 Okay, and I also had half a chocolate chip cookie from Zoe’s. Every time I’ve been in there, I literally DROOL over those things. I had never had one, so I knew when cheat day rolled around, I’d be on it like white on rice. Worth.Every.Bite.

Mental State
Look Ma, no workout clothes!!!

I’d say minus the poor performance at my race, I’ve felt great this past week. I had a fun-filled weekend, including our One Year Pink Barre Anniversary Party and had the chance to hang with these gorgeous ladies. The week/weekend was jam packed with some really special company and I loved every minute of it. It’s amazing how I’m settling in to this routine and focusing on the positive aspects of my life at the moment – training and diet are important, but a secondary focus. Afterall, I want to be “Jenn”, not “Jenn the Bikini Competitor in Training.”

There was also a very cool spotting this week. My lower abs! Considering my abs are by far my most resistant to change (even with a clean diet and strict training program), I’m thrilled to see some progress here. I know it’s a long road ahead for show-ready abs, but I’m getting there. Rome wasn’t built in a day, folks!! 

As I embark on my second week of month #2, I’m getting even more excited for Nashvegas (even if everyone’s reaction is always “OMG, November is so far!”). I booked a few hotel rooms for the weekend so friends can come cheer me on and help me celebrate post-show. It’ll really be amazing to see how strong I am come competition time. On days when I feel like I’m not progressing, I just pull out the “before” pictures and tap into that motivation, letting the distance between where I came from and where I want to be drive me forward. And of course I continue to troll Instagram for daily motivation… today’s quote was particularly motivating: “It’s the days when the body aches, the desire is low, you feel tired and you feel week… those are the days when champions train.”


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