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2015 Bucket List – Better Get Crackin!!

Today I stumbled upon a list I created the first week of January – a whole slew of things I wanted to accomplish in 2015. Thankfully, quite a few of these bad boys can be checked off, but boy – I still have a ways to go!! Good thing the year is just about halfway over. Time to make some memories!

What about you? Do you create lists of must-dos? If so, have I missed any good ones?

Stay tuned as I work my way through all SIXTY-FIVE!!
1.      Change someone’s life for the better
2.      Champagne picnic in the park
3.      Change my hair cut/color
4.      Clean out cloa
5.      Dine by candlelight only
6.      Do something outside my normal comfort zone
7.      Donate to charity
8.      Email a friend I haven’t heard from in a while
9.      Find an interesting ancestor (genealogy)
10.  Floss more
11.  Forgive myself
12.  Get a good tan
13.  Get lost in a great book
14.  Go camping
15.  Take a dance class
16.  Go ice skating
17.  Go jet skiing
18.  Go on a no budget spending spree
19.  Go on a spa vacation
20.  Go on vacation by myself
21.  Go on a romantic vacation
22.  Go skinny dipping
23.  Go to hot yoga
24.  Go to a concert
25.  Go to a jazz club
26.  Go to a restaurant I haven’t been to
27.  Go to a professional golf tournament
28.  Have a girls weekend away
29.  Have a golf lesson
30.  Have a pajama party
31.  Have a spa day with friends
32.  Help build a habitat for humanity house
33.  Host a dinner party
34.  Jump in a pool fully clothed
35.  Kiss in the rain
36.  Learn how to fix something myself in the house
37.  Learn my blood type
38.  Make a new friend
39.  Make my parents proud
40.  Learn to meditate
41.  Movie night with friends
42.  Not work for 7 days straight
43.  Read a chick lit book and not feel guilty
44.  Redecorate a room
45.  Run another 15k
46.  See a long-lost friend 
47.  See my parents more often
48.  Start a journal / blog
49.  Stay in PJs all day
50.  Stay up all night 
51.  Sunbathe topless
52.  Swim in a natural hot spring
53.  Take a cooking class
54.  Take PTO, just because
55.  Take a risk: When my head says don’t do something, do it anyway
56.  Take a spontaneous roadtrip
57.  Take a wine tasting class
58.  Throw a dart at a map and go where it lands
59.  Visit a Buddhist temple
60.  Volunteer
61.  Run for cancer
62.  Watch planes land from a hood of a car
63.  Watch the sun set into the ocean
64.  Watch the sunrise 

65.  Write a handwritten love letter

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