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Week 7 of NPC Bikini Prep!

Hammies and calves ON FLEEK (that’s what the kids are saying these days, right!?) Oh man did it feel amazing to slip on a pair of Loubs this past weekend and see my calves popping! Coach Steve has me training them practically everyday, and it BURNS! Nice to see the hard work paying off. And speaking of hard work, my hammies are finally starting to show definition which is awesome. I’ve always had defined and developed quads, but hammies never showed striations like they are now. Yay! My workouts are continuing to kick my ass, especially Saturday’s long plyo workouts. 
Here’s what last Saturday’s workout consisted of:

  1. walking lunges – body weight
  2. reverse walking lunges – body weight
  3. step ups from floor – body weight, all on one leg then the other
  4. skaters
  5. squat and deadlift in one – with 45lb bar 
  6. monster walks with resistance band
Hi Veins!
It doesn’t seem that bad… until you try it! No breaks, no sitting around texting on your phone – just get in that gym and HUSTLE. And that’s after a whole week of lifting heavy. Try it and thank me later 😉 

As today marks 7 weeks into prep, with 19 more to go, I’m feeling encouraged with how much body fat I’m dropping week over week, and the proof is in the pudding. Walking Lucy around the neighborhood last night, I couldn’t help but notice the vascularity – I hadn’t even worked out yesterday! Posing practice this week was awesome. I met some new competitors, saw some friendly faces, and swapped numbers with a bunch of my fellow competitors. It’s SO nice to be around girls and guys that just get it. I’m also feeling much more comfortable up there – which has translated into a more relaxed, fun loving stage presence. Practice will make (close enough to) perfect!

Saturday was time for another cheat meal! I indulged in fro yo before dinner (don’t judge) followed by sushi at Tomo (some sashimi, half a roll wrapped in cucumber and another standard roll) along with half a small bottle of sake followed by 2 glasses of Malbec at a bar here in Atlanta. It all felt good going down, but I woke up Sunday with such a hangover!! 3 drinks and my body was killing me. I woke up sweating in the middle of the night, with dry mouth and a headache the next day. Crazy considering I remember the days when I’d have twice as much to drink with girlfriends with no side effects. I guess eating this clean and generally abstaining from alcohol has gotten my body to a place where it doesn’t tolerate it very well. I think next cheat meal I’ll stick to one glass of vino (if at all) and call it a day. It honestly didn’t even taste that great going down… could be a reflection on the quality of wine, or the company in which it was consumed with. Just sayin 😉

Mental State
I will say the lifestyle is getting much more comfortable each week. This past Friday I taught an awesome barre crawl class for Lululemon and even when they rolled in the Zoe’s buffet afterwards, complete with their yummy cookies, I was perfectly content munching away on my ground turkey, quinoa and broccoli. We all went to a pub afterwards and again, I was happy as a clam sipping on my water! I no longer look at food or drinks and wish I could have them. Probably because in reality, I could. I mean no one is holding a gun to my head through this prep (even if my Coach likes to believe he is! HA!). This is my choice. And the further along I go, the more I realize this journey is 100% mental and emotional. My body changing is simply the by-product. Yesterday’s post was a very raw one for me – and if you read it, you’ll see I’ve held nothing back. This blog has been so therapeutic in allowing me to lay it all out, and I’m just so blessed and grateful so many of you take time out of your busy lives to read it! I truly feel grateful for this competition prep – I feel like I have a handle on life now that I’m not worrying about feeling bloated, spending Sundays regretting the poor food/drink choices I made over the weekend, and continuously cycling through feelings of indulgence and then guilt. I feel so comfortable in my skin now – and I’m realizing that I am stronger than I ever imagined. I’m training my body in the gym to become stronger every day and I’m training my mind each day to see the best in every one and every situation. I’m praying daily for strength, giving love without excepting anything in return, and choosing to be happy at every opportunity I get. 

“Life is short. Break the rules. Kiss slowly. Love truly. Laugh uncontrollably and never regret anything that makes you smile.” – Mark Twain


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