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First-date Hot Spots that Aren’t So HOT

When it comes to being single, I am so relieved to be a woman. 

Don’t get me wrong, dating as a female has its own set of challenges. So many questions constantly swirling, the pressure of balancing your standards and not setting any expectations, and now not being able to go for drinks or eat on said dates throws yet another wrench in the mix. HOWEVER, I wouldn’t trade it all to be the man – as it’s usually the guy who is responsible for coming up with the first date activity. 

And according to a recent infographic published by mobile dating app Clover, top first-date hot spots in the US are a bit embarrassing. As a girl who has gone on her fair share of Starbucks first-dates (who wants to commit to dinner if we can’t stand each other after the first 5 minutes?!), but correct me if I’m wrong – love at first 2 for $20 at Applebees doesn’t spell romance to this girl. 

Here is the complete list as published by Clover:

The above list got me thinking… there must be handfuls of date ideas that are tons of fun and don’t require going elbow deep on burrito bowls, baskets of wings and buckets of beer. 

I personally love the idea of being active on a date. It gets the blood flowing, let’s you invade each others personal space (if sparks are flying) and let’s you see the other person in action. Romantic dinners and endless lunches at Chiptole are definitely great once you’re dating/in a relationship, but why not bring some level of creativity to the sacred first date?

This whole idea sparked my curiosity and I’ve put pen to paper: If I were a man, which types of dates would I plan?! (Disclaimer: some might work well for a first date, others might be date numero dos or tres)

What about…. 
Pack a picnic and hit a local park – how fun to kick off your shoes and share a blanket on a sunny day!
Ride a ferris wheel (if sparks are flying, I wouldn’t hate a kiss at the top!)
Check out a music festival
Take a hike – get those endorphins pumping!
Drive-in movie
Catch a sunset after work 
Go for a bike ride
Play bocce ball
Mini golfing- why not break out your inner-childish self
Tubing – you get to see each other in a swimsuit! 
Rock climb – you get a view of my butt! #winning
See a baseball game 
Try archery – queue the cheesy “you hit the bulls eye” jokes
Go to the zoo 
Watch a sunrise – make to-go cups of coffee and head out somewhere peaceful and quiet

What about you? Any creative first date ideas that have burned a hole (good or bad!) in your memory?


2 thoughts on “First-date Hot Spots that Aren’t So HOT

  1. Really interesting post, I agree with you that most first dates lack creativity. As a man I think most guys don't want to put themselves out there because they want to get as close to the center or neutral as possible. When you veer to far from the norm your level of risk increases. The risk I'm speaking of is “of looking like a weirdo” guys are scared to bring out something like a picnic bc ladies these days seem to think of a guy goes to those kinds of lengths he's obviously way too into them. It's a slippery slope. Anyway love your writing, keep it up Sunshine….Yup.


  2. Thank you for your comment! Always love hearing from a male perspective. Like I said, I don't envy men for having to plan the initial dates – lots of pressure! But I must say, I don't think a woman confident in what/who she wants would be all that turned off my a man who put some thought and consideration into a date! Many men hear what a woman says – but very few actually listen. Huge difference! Don't let fear of being perceived to be a “weirdo” stand in the way of genuine gestures for a woman you're interested in! You never know, chances are, she's worth the effort!
    Thanks for reading 🙂


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