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NPC Bikini Prep 10ish Weeks Out… I’m Sick!

This will be short and sweet, folks.

The past week has rocked my socks, and not in the positive way you might imagine. Traveling during this last phase of prep has proven to be quite challenging. Managing my workload, two hour insanely intense workouts, my kicked up diet plan, buying and renovating my first single family home, selling my condo and an adequate sleep schedule have proved to be nearly impossible and I’ve come down with a stupid painful sinus infection.
In an effort to not be a total Debbie Downer, the good news is the scale is crazy low, and despite my Coach’s unhappiness around me being sick (we’re too close to be missing workouts!), perhaps this break will do my body good. I’ve been “on prep” since the beginning of June – so maybe, just maybe, this break will allow my body to heal and come back with Herculean strength. I haven’t worked out in four days and am hoping tomorrow I’ll be back at it, at least at half speed. 
Humor this sick girl and cut me a little slack – check out a workout I did last week, on the road, before a 12 hour work day.

Glutes & Hamstrings  – 5 rounds of everything
hip lifts – smith machine, weighted, 25 reps 
butt blaster – machine, 20 reps                             
high knees – 30 seconds   
walking lunges – body weight, 5 rounds each leg                         
inner/outer thigh machine, 25 reps each
sumo stomps, 20 reps
reverse hyperextensions – incline bench, feet like a frog, 30 reps
squat/deadlift – bar, 15 reps
split squats, 20 reps
treadmill push or car push, 5 sets with 30 sec recovery between sets
Stairmill – ladders – 30 min           
As you might imagine, I was EXHAUSTED after my workouts. The idea of nonstop work is downright exhausting. I’m used to taking a bit of time between sets, and only doing 15 minutes of cardio at a time. Instead of finishing up and going to lay in bed, naked, slowly letting my heart rate come down and perhaps partaking in a little nap – I’d run back to the hotel, shower, change, and head to the office for a quick 12 hour day. We had team dinners and team building activities afterwards, including dinner at a Mexican restaurant and go-karting. I had Fuel Up deliver all my meals so cheating wasn’t an option. By the time Friday rolled around, it was all I could do to keep my eyes open. I slept all weekend, flew home from Florida Sunday night and proceeded to take myself directly to the Dr Monday morning. Yay sinus infection! Praying my antibiotics kick in ASAP as I’ve been planning to do an NPC show in Atlanta on 10/31… We shall see!
Being sick the first time since I’ve begun contest prep has been eye opening. I’ve realized when I’m sick, I crave carbs. A bowl of cereal, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Quite possibly the last thing I want is baked, plain chicken and 3/4 cup veggies… BUT, I’ve come this far, can’t stop now.             
I’m keeping this post short – mainly because I’m exhausted and want to go lay back down. Hoping next week’s post will have news that I’m all better and have hit the gym with a fury post-sickness. 
And what will I do until then? Continue wasting hours pinning home decor ideas, and post-show treats I plan to enjoy in moderation. Anyone else drooling over Slutty Brownies?!? Anyone who knows me AT ALL knows chocolate chip cookies, brownies and Oreos are my three favorite food groups OF ALL TIME.
If you aren’t on prep and allow yourself to indulge every now and again, please make these. And then tell me how amazing they were. Let me live vicariously through you 🙂 

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