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The Beauty of New Beginnings

If we take pause from our busy lives, it’s apparent that new beginnings are everywhere. Each morning when we rise – the beginning of a new day. Each time we strike up a conversation with someone new – the beginning of a budding friendship. We embark upon a new exercise program – the beginning of a new routine.

Sometimes new beginnings are painful and unwanted. A treasured relationship ends, a loved one passes, a job is lost. Other times, new beginnings are welcomed with open arms. And the beauty of new beginnings is what brings me here today.

As some of you already know, I recently purchased a new home for Lucy and I. And this past weekend, I sold my condo. The first home I bought for myself nearly 4 years ago. It was a dark time – on the heels of a divorce, selling my marital home at a financial loss, working for a company I despised, with virtually no money in the bank and a compass on life that seemed to have failed me in an epic way.

The lost and confused 27 year old girl that moved into this condo is such a far departure from the 31 year old woman who has just begun packing her belongings, ready to move on to not just a new chapter, but a new book entirely in this journey of life.

Emotion overpowers me as I look around the walls of this condo – remembering the nights I bawled in the days after sending Tiffany (my first fur baby) to heaven, messy mornings experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen, and plenty of evenings reading by candlelight in my bathtub. I’ve had fun putting my stamp on making this 1,005 sq ft space my home while finding my inner style. I’m sure there will be tears shed when I leave this place for the last time – but the new road that lies ahead is full of possibilities. And that exhilarates me.

It has been said that the trick to making life truly amazing is to have more beginnings than endings, and this is the very approach I now wish to live my life by.

It is with faith and hope that I embark upon the next book of life. The days of punctuating the sentence, ending the paragraph, closing a chapter – they’re all things of the past. Now, I am starting a fresh book. This is page one. And I am bursting at the seams with excitement to see what beauty and possibility lie in front of me.


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