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NPC Bikini – 6 Weeks Out Update

Although at times it sure doesn’t feel like it, were getting close folks!! I’ll be honest and say this is where it’s getting tough. I mentally debate quitting every day, but thanks to the awesome support I consistently receive from friends, fellow competitors, and amazing coaches, I’ve been able to power through.

So let’s cut to the chase. Here are the things no one wants to talk about when it comes to contest prep:

1) It’s completely isolating. Your friends who used to call you for dinner, brunch, happy hour, drinks on a Saturday night, a concert, {fill in the blank with anything fun here} just stop. Your good friends find creative ways to see you despite the lifestyle – walks, pedicures, workouts, whatever. It’s the time together that matters, not what you’re doing. To those girlfriends – and you know who you are – you literally brighten my life and I am SO grateful for you all. I think for me personally, working from home exacerbates the feeling of isolation, but I just keep reminding myself it’s 6 more weeks.

2) You get hangry. For those unfamiliar, that is hungry AND cranky all bundled together. Who wants to weigh every morsel of food, count every macro, pass on every dessert, look the other way when someone opens a bottle of wine. It’s tough! While I don’t want to fall off the wagon and engage in an unhealthy way of eating, it would be pretty blissful to eat some food, drink some wine and just ENJOY without counting. Maybe it’s because i’m bad at math 🙂

3) Your wardrobe is no more. Nothing fits. Jeans fall down and tops are beyond baggy. Workout clothes even begin to be too big. You want to go buy new clothes, but you’re not sure what size you’ll end up post comp so you hold out and just embrace always looking disheveled. 

4) You have no release. Working out used to be my release, but now honestly the workouts are so long it feels like work. You can’t wind down with wine or a cocktail, and if you’re single like me, you can’t release with a little sexy time either. (For those who read the last few posts, the new relationship is no more thanks to one primary reason – I’m cool, he’s not! Juuuuust kidding, he’s a good guy. Just not my guy.)

5) Weird physical shit starts happening. Apologies in advance, but I’m going to keep it real here. Your body fat gets so low during cutting, wave goodbye to your menstrual cycle. The good news to that is I no longer have raging PMS cravings, the bad news is I’m sure my hormone levels are completely out of whack. Have you ever tried eating your body weight in protein? Well when you compete, you do. Fruits, fats, and carbs are reduced and your diet mainly consists of water, protein (eggs/chicken/fish/turkey) and veggies. This is where living alone is a positive. Google protein farts. #thestruggleisreal

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not trying to only focus on the negative. The truth of the matter is, competing is a blessing. I’m blessed to be able to afford my coach. I’m blessed to be physically able to complete my strenuous workouts. I’m blessed to have the willpower to stick to my diet. I’m blessed to have a support system that KICKS ASS. But, in true “me” fashion, I felt I owed it to everyone to keep it 100 and admit that this is not glamorous nor “easy.” But then again, no one said it would be easy. But it sure will be worth it.


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