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NPC Bikini Competition Update


Is this really happening? We’re getting so close! All on comp prep front is going right along. It’s funny but I still struggle with those sweet cravings. The other day I went to the grocery store for chicken and must’ve blacked out. I literally found myself in the cookie aisle just staring at all the oreos. Did you know they now make them in caramel apple and pumpkin pie? Neither sound appealing, however I would do some serious damage to the Brownie Batter ones. Put that ish on my list for post-comp cheat. 

And speaking of cheat meals… I had one Saturday! Totally unexpected (and definitely my last before my show) – I went for Mexican with my awesome girlfriends. Chips, salsa, queso AND two tacos with beans and plantains. OMG. Each bite was more glorious than the next. Coach said to get dessert too, and I fully intended on it – but damn I was so full. Not a single morsel of food was getting inside me after that meal of gluttony. But then, something crazy happened. I was sick all of Sunday! Like terrible cramping, awful feelings of bloat and lethargy. It was awful! Which begs the question – what will I do after my show? Clean eating may be slightly anti-social and definitely more expensive and time consuming, but man… I feel like a million bucks when I do. I’ll be spending quite a bit of time over the next few weeks deciding what to do after my show, especially since I am strongly considering doing another in March now that I have a better “base” then when I started this journey (less fat and more muscle). 

Temptation overall is really gone. My willpower is about 99.99999% ON POINT. Last Thursday I met a girlfriend for dinner at a hot spot in town, and brought my dinner. We then met friends afterwards at Holeman & Finch – the restaurant FAMOUS for their burger and fries. I sat and watched all of them crush burgers (TWO patties, cheese, etc.), fries and beers. I felt ZERO temptation to ask for a bite. I nursed my water and then did give into my true craving – silver tequila on the rocks. I’ve never been a big drinker in that I can’t drink a ton of drinks, but I do love a drink or two. That, and dessert, has been the hardest for me this prep. I’m perfectly content eating my chicken and green beans 7 times a day – but tell me I can’t have a glass of wine and we have a problem!

Last weekend during posing, my fellow competitors suggested I try waist training (apparently I was the only one who didn’t get the memo!). Thankfully my waist is already sitting at around 24.5 inches, but I still struggle with feeling confident with my midsection. We all have our insecure spots and that is for sure mine. So here it is – you put it on just like a corset and boy it’s hard to breathe!! It has boning it in that keeps everything tight – I try and wear it for at least half the day… when I take it off I’m like Oh Hello abs!! 

Speaking of my fellow competitors – these girls have been awesome sauce lately. We’ve all been having a ton of fun showing up for posing practice on Tuesday’s and Saturday’s and lifting each other up during this super intense time. I used to DREAD posing practice – something about standing on stage nearly naked in bizarrely revealing positions just didn’t come naturally (surprise surprise). However, now I’m feeling confident and posing practice has become fun! Here are some recent shots: 

I particularly love this shot because it shows just how hard I’ve worked to build solid glutes, hamstrings and calves. Leg day for me is chest day for most guys. I just LOVE it. I PR’d my deadlift, leg extension AND hamstring curl today – and nothing makes this girl feel sexier than feeling STRONG. I actually admitted to my coach the other day that I’ve been sneaking in extra reverse hack squats (if you don’t know what these are – google them, then do them) just because I love them so much! If it’s true what Steve says – that bikini competitions are “won from the back,” I’m glad my hard work is paying off. 

This one is awesome – check out that huge pineapple on my head!! Taking pictures really helps – I can see here how I lose my neck in my side pose. Definitely something to keep in mind as I continue to refine my strut 😉 I will say, as confident as I am becoming, I see pictures like this and think damn! I’m so short! I feel like us short ladies need to be even smaller just to look as lean as a taller girl. #shortpeopleproblems

Just a few more weeks until showtime! I’ll be ordering my suit in a few weeks… still cannot decide which color/style to go with!! I asked Coach for a gold suit but got a big N-O on that. Apparently bright colors are best… so I’m debating a fuchsia or purplish blue. Anyone who knows me, knows I never shy away from an excuse to go shopping!

Hope everyone’s Monday is off to a fabulous start!


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