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NPC Bikini Update – We’re Getting Close Folks!

Measurements 3 Weeks Out

  • Weight: I’m not even accounting for me weight right now because it literally fluctuates at a moments notice
  • Height: 5’2
  • Chest – 34 inches
  • Arm (bicep) – 9 inches
  • Arm (forearm) – 6.5 inches
  • Waist – 24 inches
  • Hips – 31.75 inches
  • Glutes – 35.5 inches 
  • Thighs – 20.5 inches
  • Calves – 12.5 inches
What I’ve accomplished this week 

Post-LONG, sweaty gym sesh!

  • Finally took the plunge and bought my suit
  • Booked my spray tan for the night before the show
  • Booked my hair appointment (actually my amazing girl Tiff did)
  • Booked hotel room for night before (sharing with Tiff – who I swear I couldn’t even get through doing this show without. Got to love great girlfriends!)
  • Incorporated more cardio (treadmill sprints and stairmill ladders)
  • Kept my energy UP in the gym despite being physically exhausted 
  • Cheating on my diet with a super small cup of sugar-free fro yo (don’t tell Coach…) after Cost Plus World Market delivered two dining room tables and refused to take one back, the cable and internet in my new place has been out all week, cabinets were installed with no counter tops, and then I dropped my phone and shattered the entire thing. Tell me you wouldn’t treat yourself to $2 worth of fro yo too?!
On The Agenda
  • Get fresh haircut and highlights tomorrow #FreshtoDeath
  • Join/pay for NPC membership 
  • Register for my 2 classes for show day (novice and open)
  • Make mani/pedi appointment
  • Buy nair (yeah, blonde gmaarm hair begone…)
  • Buy competition day outfit (apparently silk is where its at)
  • Buy competition day jewelry 
  • Practice posing in hooker… err I mean clear… heels . Need my sass to match my ass!
  • Up my water intake!
  • Find part time job to support my competition lifestyle (just kidding… sort of)
Being three weeks out tomorrow, this is all starting to feel SO real. It has been a LONG road since May. I’ve done this prep 100% clean – no fat burners, no stimulants, no crazy pre-workouts or thermos. It’s been me vs me the entire time, with an awesome support system pushing me along the way. Even the front desk attendants and trainers at my local LA Fitness crack me up. When I leave in the morning they all yell “See you later!”… because OF COURSE I’m coming back for my two a day… DUH 🙂
I’m committed to finishing this prep strong – regardless of how show day goes, because like I’ve mentioned in my last post – my life will go on well beyond show day. I’m in my new home, renovations are nearly over, I’ve hired a Manager at work to help with my insane workload and I have NO out of town work trips planned between now and show time. Let’s do this!! 
Oh, and just because… I’m totally celebrating my FIRST bicep vein! #

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