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NPC Bikini: 12 DAYS Out. Someone Give Me a Cracker!

12 Days. 288 Hours. 17,280 Seconds. 
But whose counting?! 

Mental State:
  • We truly all do get by with a little help from our friends. My girlfriends have stepped up in the biggest way possible lately. From coming over for tea, to coffee dates, to hourly check-in texts and helping me whitewash my fireplace – I am beyond blessed with such strong, reliable and loving women. Color me emotional from the sodium, fat and calorie deficit I’m in, but it nearly moves me to tears just to think about all the love around me. I am so grateful each and every single one of you!!
  • Today is the big day! I pick up my suit at Waterbabies! Cannot wait to see that teeny tiny red sparkly suit! 
  • I’m still amazed at the scale. I’ve been losing a lot of weight – not necessarily the healthiest way I’m sure. My calories are around 1k a day, fat is under 20g and sodium is non-existent. Next time around, I think I can do this with more food… but we’re so close out to showtime I am just trying to power through and make it to next Saturday.
  • I can’t lie though – it’s an emotional roller coaster. I’m still foggy, still weak and sometimes I just want to cry. Other times – like yesterday when I was at LA Fitness and a guy literally came up to me and said, “Hey Gorgeous. Happy Monday. How was your weekend? You party?”… I just want to punch people in the face. Dude, I don’t know you. I don’t want to talk to you. Walk away! #sorrynotsorry BUT there are days (or moments) where I feel happy and grateful. The other day I was running sprints and an amputee walked by. I couldn’t help but look up, and thank g-d for blessing me with the physical ability to embark on this journey. 
Totally normal gym attire, no!?
  • Finding my energy completely zapped. Long gone are my early morning workouts. I just can’t get up and energized in time. Now I get up around 7:30am, drink coffee and eat breakfast. I ease into my work day and then workout at lunch and after work. I just can’t power through early mornings like I used to!
  • Definitely feeling my strength subside. I’m trying to go heavy, but power lifts like squats and deadlifts are getting harder to PR. 
  • Cardio was upped to 6 days a week, 30 minutes at a time. Considering some girls have an hour 7 days, I don’t want to complain. I just listen to a bunch of good music, pray and breathe. It’s over soon enough.

  • Yeah, so all sodium is now gone. That means my little tablespoon of mustard to help me choke down fish is gone. My food officially has zero flavor. 
  • I am going to turn into a green bean. Or Asparagus. Or a piece of chicken breast. I’ve given up on trying to make the food exciting – so at this point I literally eat the same meal 6 times a day (fish or chicken, sweet potato or butternut squash, and asparagus, carrots or green beans). The struggle is real, folks.
  • I’ve cheated. I’m weak. I’ve eaten a few quest bars here and there. Good lord the mint chocolate chip is delicious. Sorry Coach Steve. 
  • I am still going at this 100% natural. No fat burners, no diuretics, nothing. 

Saw this quote by Arnold himself and couldn’t help but love it. We truly are always stronger than we know. ALL that’s getting me through the next 12 days is knowing that I’ve been strong enough to come this far – it’s been a LONG journey – and I just have to keep pushing past the boundaries I’ve put in my own way. Let’s do this!. 

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