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Lately I’ve Been: March Edition

Cooking: All sorts of fun recipes! Last month in Cali, I made Julie’s Beef Bulgolgi for the boyf and I honestly think it may have been the best, most flavorful meal I’ve ever made. I ALWAYS get too lazy to make everything a recipe calls for. 9 times out of 10 if it calls for some “special sauce” to top the dish with, I always skip it thinking eh, I’m sure it’ll be fine without. But this time, I cut no corners. I pickled my own cucumbers, marinated the steak, prepped my cauliflower rice (although OMG – if you’re near a Trader Joes, do yourself a solid and pick up the frozen ready to roll cauliflower rice – such a time saver!). If you like Asian flavors at all, definitely make this dish and let me know what you think. It’s a new favorite for us!!
Drinking: Starbucks Komodo Dragon Coffee. It’s dark and rich and oh so delicious. The stores don’t always have it brewed, so it’s become somewhat of a game for Ken and I – we get so excited when we find it!
Reading: I just downloaded Kate Hudson’s new book: Pretty Happy. The book appealed to me because of the topics: Cultivating an intuitive relationship with your body, eating well, and being mindful in your own body. I’ll let you guys know what I think once I dig in.
Wanting: This GORGEOUS Prada Saffiano purse in Camel. Ladies, do you all cycle out your purse by season? I’m a total supporter of quality over quantity and believe in having just a few key pieces. But I’ve totally been feeling as though all my purses are black/navy/dark brown. This gorgeous purse would be perfect for Spring/Summer. The big 3-2 is coming next month, so if Prada could start offering a birthday discount, that’d be ggggggreat.
Looking: Forward to some vacations!! In April I’m doing a girl’s trip to Austin (never been – any suggestions, please send!!) followed by a two weeks in Cali and a week in Kauai for the big 3-2. I try to live in the present and enjoy every moment, but it’s hard when you have fun things to look forward to!!
Wishing: That freakin La Mer would magically be cheaper. I have been telling myself I’m going to pull the trigger on their amazing moisturizer, but with so much going on I haven’t been able to bring myself to drop the cash. I LOVE their eye concentrate and have used this moisturizer in the past. Despite the hefty price tag, I honestly feel their products are worth it. I’ve been experiencing dryness and hormonal breakouts, so I think it’s time to make some investments in a solid skincare regimen again.
Enjoying: Working out!! I was pretty open about my struggles to enjoy the gym after my competition at the end of October… I totally burnt out on the same ‘ol lifting routine but now I’ve been back at it – leaving the gym dripping in sweat every day and LOVING it. I’m not doing it to get super cut or to lose a specific amount of weight… I’m simply doing it because I enjoy it. And that feels fan freakin tastic.
Wondering: How I’m going to get out of paying my nearly $500 speeding ticket I got in Cali. UGH! I was just driving home, minding my own business when a moto cop pulled me over. I literally had to ask him WHY I was being pulled over – I totally felt as though I was going with the speed of traffic. Womp womp.
Loving: Silk’s Vanilla Almond Milk Coffee Creamer. I’ve been trying to drink my coffee black for years but this stuff let’s me have that creamy (good lord I hate that word) taste without having to buy the terribly unhealthy synthetic creamers on the market.
Needing: THIS!!! I’m mildly obsessed with buff bake – and they just released Birthday Cake Almond Butter. I need it, but I don’t. Testing my willpower to see how long I can hold off buying it… but the current jar in the fridge is getting low – so the time is coming near!
Following: JazzyThings. I love her Instagram account and reading her posts. She’s a bodybuilder turned power lifter… and her recent post really hit home for me, and I wanted to share: “Perfection is NOT a real fucking thing. So try this: instead of plastering what you see on social media all over your mind, how about you take each day and work toward YOUR goals. Feel good. Stay active. Define your purpose.” Definitely check her out – she posts such motivational stuff including tasty protein-rich recipes and creative workouts.

Thinking: I need to revisit the whole cauliflower pizza thang. I tried it a few times (unsuccessfully) and also gave a quinoa crusted pizza a shot while in Cali (it was just meh….) so now that Trader Joes has a pre-riced cauliflower, I may give it another shot. I’ve saved Tina’s new recipe which happens to be diary and gluten free… thinking I’ll need to make it soon!
Feeling: Elated. Is that an obnoxious way to describe how I’m feeling?? It’s true. I spent the month of February in Cali with the boyf and it truly feels like things get better and better as time goes on. I’ve literally never felt like I’m falling in love AND making a best friend at the exact same time. I have moments where I look at him and my heart melts. Then he has me laughing so hard I swear I’m going to pee my pants. I just feel so… happy. My family is healthy, work is consistent, Lucy is crazy as ever. My friends are wonderful and I’m building amazing relationships with Ken’s friends and their wives, too. My cup runneth over.
Bookmarking: TurboTax. Ugh why are my taxes so complicated this year?? I bought and sold homes last year and for some reason, it’s throwing me completely off. Too many papers coming from too many places! Thinking it’s time to bite the bullet and ask for help.
Planning: To pursue my NASM personal training certification. I absolutely love health and fitness – and the only thing even better than pushing myself to my limits are pushing others to theirs! When I taught Barre, I loved hearing my clients come to me saying they found confidence they never knew they had.. or that they finally fit in their skinny jeans.. or that their husband’s notice how they’ve changed physically and emotionally. I think I was meant to help people with living healthy, active and balanced lives – so the time has come and I’m ready to pull the trigger on obtaining my next level of certification! Can’t wait – stay tuned, definitely more to come on that front! 

Okay, enough about me! What have you been up to lately? Read any good books? Try any new healthy recipes or taste some good wine? I want to hear from you!


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