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The Transformations We Cannot See

#TransformationTuesday #fitspo #progress

Show of virtual hands {honor system here, clearly I can’t see you!} – how many of you have seen those hashtags on social media? Usually accompanying them are photos of someone {likely in their underwear} posting a side by side comparison of their “before” and after bodies. The before I started some diet, some detox tea, some competition prep, or some {enter magical solution here}.

As someone who wholeheartedly believes in the importance of living a fit, balanced and active life I am all for someone’s commitment to getting healthier and becoming more active. But I can’t help but wonder since when did we begin placing such a disproportionate emphasis on the physical transformation while completely disregarding the blood, sweat and tears that goes into {or SHOULD go into} our emotional and mental transformations?

After seeing yet another girl posting side by side comparisons of her near-naked body along with a caption detailing how she’s still struggling to appreciate what she sees in the mirror, it got me wondering…

What if we trained our minds the way we train our bodies?

I recently began attending a weekly meditation course with girlfriends and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed listening to wonderful nuggets of wisdom. Personally speaking, I feel the last 5 years have been a remarkable transformation for me – inside and out. And while I do my best to take pause and appreciate how far I’ve come, I never want to settle for “almost there.” This course has imparted tons of knowledge, but the top two pieces of wisdom I’ve been anxious to share with you all are as follows:

1) Happiness comes from within – and the inverse is true as well. Unhappiness also comes from within. Think about it – the promotion you don’t get, the coworker who seems to always be making your life unnecessarily difficult – none of them can make you unhappy. It’s how you perceive those situations that impact your happiness (or lack thereof).

2) Don’t run from difficult people. Listen, I get it. We all have people in our lives who bring us down. They’re negative and complain the entire time you’re with them. The weather sucks, the election is a mess, their jobs stink, their relationship is falling apart. Instead of rolling your eyes and staring at the clock wondering when its time to spring the door, allow their negativity to teach you a lesson in compassion and tolerance.

So the next time work is grating on your nerves and you’re thinking “WHY me?” or you’re sitting across the dinner table from a friend who just drones on and on about how awful everything is, I hope you take a moment to determine what the current moment is trying to teach you. What can you learn from less than ideal situations? Every moment is brought to us as a lesson. It’s simply our responsibility to learn from it.


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