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Weekly Workouts – How I Work Up A Sweat

Let’s get nerdy for a moment, shall we?

It’s a common understanding that we can overwork our muscular system. But what about our central nervous system? Believe it or not, CNS overtraining is a real thang, folks. So the next time you crush a week full of workouts and it leaves you feeling tired, weak, and unmotivated in the gym, know that could potentially be your exhausted CNS yelling for rest.

Overtraining can happen whether you’re fit or out of shape. It can happen regarldess of age, too. The magical balance in overtraining avoidance is to counteract your intense training with adequate recovery.

Unfortunately, our CNS is stimulated in a multitude of ways that extend far beyond the walls of our gym.Stress in general takes a huge toll – everything from managing weekly budgets to being present in our relationships, in our careers and showing up every day to take care of ourselves. If any of this rings a bell and you’re feeling abnormally tired from your training schedule and the demands of life overall, I’d say take a look at all potential contributors and see how you can streamline life to ease the burden on yourself!

With this all being said, I thought it might be helpful to share with you a week of workouts – specifically my schedule from last week. You’ll see a lot of variety as I try to determine which way of working up a sweat makes me the happiest. Without further ado…

Sunday: Xtend barre class

Monday: 45 minute session in an infrared Sauna and Crossfit immediately after.

For time:

50 wall balls (I used 14lbs)

50 KB swings (I used 35lb KB)

50 calorie assault bike

Plus EMOM (every minute on the minute): 5 burpees

Tuesday – Crossfit

3 rounds

3 squat snatches (I used 55lbs and just snatched since I don’t feel super comfortable catching a snatch from the squat position)

6 powerclean and jerks (55lbs)

9 ctb pull-ups (I used a resistence band)

54 double unders (I did 3x in singles)

3 min break, then 3 rounds:

Row 500

30 GHD’s (I got so dizzy after the first 15, I did back extensions for the remainder)

20 burpees

10 kettle bell swings (35lb)

Wednesday: Crossfit

Strength segment:

Work up to max deadlift. I started with 95lbs and hit a PR of 155lbs for 3 reps

8 rounds

Assault bike 20 sec

5 kettlebell deadlifts (I used 35lbs so I could swing in the next movement)

5 kettlebell swings

5 plyo pushups (I did regular pushups)

Thursday: Rest day

Friday: 25 minutes stairmill intervals at level 8 and EMOM, I bumped it to level 12 for 20 seconds) plus Trx ab circuit I made up as I went (4 rounds: 25 reps of 4 movements)

Saturday: 60 minute hot yoga flow class and 90 minute massage

Looking back at last week, come Friday I was DEAD tired. Everything ached. I probably overtrained by doing barre, and then three days of intense Crossfit consecutively. I’ll share my weekly workouts from this week with you all next week, but you’ll see I split up Crossfit and I think it’s helping me recover quicker. Like I said above, it’s easy to overtrain/overstimulate your muscular and nervous systems if you’re not careful!

Remember – always listen to your body. Unless your body tells you to lay on the couch while eating pizza and drinking wine. Then tell your body to shut the eff up and go workout. You’ll thank me afterwards, I promise 🙂




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