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It’s Time to Start Showing Up


I walked into my favorite neighborhood hot yoga studio tonight looking to melt my Monday away.

Work’s been stressful as we navigate the rocky waters of a new merger (#4 in 5 years). Last week we received news there would be at least another 30 layoffs in the coming week alone. My weekend was amazing, albeit jam packed. We rushed from soccer games to family lunches. From birthday parties to Canadian thanksgiving celebrations. I managed to fit in workouts and hit PRs in between rushing from errand to errand.  I could have easily made a dozen excuses as to why I didn’t have time for a workout, but you don’t get the ass you want by sitting on the one you have.

So to hot yoga I went. Before long, I was sitting in a 103 degree room. Mat, water and towel in tow.

Our class was nearly full – about 20 students showed up – ready to sweat, contort themselves into uncompromisingly painful positions and de-stress from yet another manic Monday.

Our instructor began class by saying:

“Firstly, thank your body for showing up today. Now ensure your mind meets you here.”

Y’all – how amazing is this. How many times have you told yourself just physically showing up was enough? The simple act of arriving at a location sufficed.

But what about our mental and emotional presence?

Guys. The other day I was literally talking on the phone and put the call on speakerphone. Just so I could simultaneously text. And peruse the web for tasty pumpkin recipes.

I mean… sure I was on the phone… but my mind was in a million different places. Sadly if I take count in my mind, I’m guilty of doing this far too often.

I listen to friends tell stories while scrolling through my Instagram feed. I run to the store only to realize I forgot my wallet because I ran out of the house too fast.

Ok, I suck at being emotionally present. So now what?

To live an authentic life, we must show up. To live out our dreams, we must show up. Show up to our lives. Show up for others. Show up for ourselves. Get there. And don’t wait for the time to be ‘right.” Start now. Show up now. Put down your phone. Have real conversations. Go for a hike. Get your ass outside. Stop making excuses. Stop feeling like more is better. Aim for less. Act deliberately.

Not contributing to your 401k earlier. Wasting time on shitty friends. Or shitty relationships. Caring too much about what people think.

THOSE are legit things you’ll undoubtedly regret.

Showing up to your life will never be one of those things.








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