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The Importance of Personal Days

I’ve recently shared my intention to stop living for the weekend, and for the most part, my plan works. I’ve learned to maximize my weeknights (hot yoga, date nights, weekly wine class, and more!) but lately, it hasn’t been enough. As my company navigates our fourth acquisition in five years, I find myself exhausted. Emotionally and mentally spent. So I did something I don’t normally do.

I took a personal day. Actually, I took TWO personal days.

The timing couldn’t have been more perfect – last week one of my dearest friends came to visit and we took two entire days to do whatever called to our souls. We re-charged our batteries, laughed, soaked in the beautiful California sun and implemented only one rule: there were no rules.

No schedules. No deadlines. No conference calls. No emails. No obligations. We did what we wanted, when we wanted. And it was glorious.

I know it can be difficult to pull the breaks amid chaos. Perhaps you feel like the sky will fall without you (it won’t). Perhaps you feel guilty to take time out to be selfish (it’s not). Whatever keeps you from taking some time away, I highly encourage you to be spontaneous and show yourself some love.

And if you do, why not start with:

Nourishing your body: Wake up and have a scrumptious breakfast. Maybe you cook something at home – or maybe you do as we did and visit a local cafe you’ve been meaning to try when you found the time. 

Get moving: Slip on your sneaks and hit the road. Run through your neighborhood. Take your favorite workout class. If you’re fortunate enough to live near a body of water, go soak up the sun and enjoy the view. Snap a few photos while you’re at it. Let yourself enjoy the little things.

Check out for a bit: Shut off your phone. Take a break from your computer. It’s okay to disconnect from the world to recharge your own batteries.

Relax: Slip in for a quick foot massage. Hit the sauna at your gym. Light a scented candle and read a book in your comfiest pj’s. You know yourself best – whatever it is that brings comfort to your soul, do it.

How do you feel about taking personal days? If you’re a proponent, what’s your favorite way to spend them?



Taking time to enjoy the view 🙂

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