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It’s almost hard for me to believe tomorrow is Thanksgiving.

I can’t seem to go anywhere these days without hearing Christmas music playing on repeat… which leads me to the realization that the holidays are upon us. 

One of my all-time favorite things to do over the holidays is reflect. Take a few moments to consider all the beauty surrounding me and take stock of everything I am truly grateful for. 

Do you, my awesome readers, feel inspired around this time of year to take inventory of what makes you grateful? The people who make your heart sing? The blessings in your life? If you’ve never done it, please do. Like, today. Take pen to paper and jot a few things down. I promise you’ll even surprise yourself to find how much beauty surrounds you. 

And with that, I share with you my list (in no particular order): 

  1. The man I prayed my whole life for. 
  2. My parents who despite living on the other side of the country never let me feel too far away. 
  3. My girlfriends – new ones and ones from years and years ago – all who support me through the good and bad. Who make me laugh and listen to my frustrations.
  4. Little Lucy (my King Charles cavalier) for bringing joy and happiness into my life after loss. 
  5. My entire family – the family I was born into and my boyfriend’s family – for always loving me and treating me with kindness. 
  6. My career for constantly challenging me mentally and emotionally so I can continuously evolve and grow. 
  7. My health – emotional, physical and mental. 
  8. Lululemon pants for obvious reasons. 
  9. Phone calls with far away loved ones. 
  10. Plane rides. 
  11. Unsolicited kindness. 
  12. A hot cup of tea paired a good book. 
  13. The ability to truly let go of anything that does not serve me. 
  14. Realization that self-love isn’t an option. 
  15. Recognizing the beauty in simplicity. 

From my heart to yours – I hope you have a wonderful holiday doing whatever brings your heart joy!!



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