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Promises to My Partner

On the blog I’ve talked quite a bit about practicing self-love and making promises – promises to love ourselves and strive for grace over perfection – and it got me thinking. What about making promises to our partners? As we all reflect on 2016 and what we aim to achieve in 2017, I encourage you… Continue reading Promises to My Partner

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5 Ways I Simplified Life in 2016

In 2016 I committed to living life a bit simpler. The year started out with my boyfriend and I in a cross-country relationship, I was completing a full-house renovation, juggling my career, making time for friends and family, and figuring out post-fitness competition life. It was a hectic – yet amazing- time and I knew… Continue reading 5 Ways I Simplified Life in 2016

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The “Love Your Legs” Workout

I have good news and bad news, y’all. Bad news? This following workout will have you crawling to the bathroom in the days that follow. Good news? I have the perfect remedy for your sore, achey muscles. So let’s get to work. I happen to love training legs. Quads, Hammies, Glutes, even Calves. I love… Continue reading The “Love Your Legs” Workout

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Ooey Gooey Paleo Pumkin Brownies 

If your mouth isn’t watering already, I don’t know what to even do with you.  Can we just take a moment to ask how the EFF is it nearly 2017?! I just don’t even know where the time is going!!  Now I feel like there is some unofficial/unspoken rule of thumb that all foodie lovers… Continue reading Ooey Gooey Paleo Pumkin Brownies