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The “Love Your Legs” Workout

I have good news and bad news, y’all.

Bad news? This following workout will have you crawling to the bathroom in the days that follow.

Good news? I have the perfect remedy for your sore, achey muscles.

So let’s get to work. I happen to love training legs. Quads, Hammies, Glutes, even Calves. I love it all. What I love most is how you can vary workouts – one day you load (i.e.: heavy back squats, deadlifts, hamstring curls, etc.). The next workout can be light weights with considerably more reps. Each time you switch up your rep scheme and intensity, you keep the body guessing and prevent stagnation.

I designed the following plyometric-inspired workout on light-weight, high-rep day and I’ll be honest guys. It fucking sucks. It’s reminiscent to the workouts I performed last year while training for a bikini competition and I guarantee you’ll be feeling the burn. This workout is awesome because it’s going to target your quads, hamstrings and glutes – while keeping your heart rate elevated and in fat-burning mode.

Let’s just get right to it (before you say fuck it, stop reading and order in a pizza!). There are a total of 6 movements – and you’ll be combining 2 movements for each superset. There are no breaks between sets so get ready to break a sweat and MOVE!

4×12 (4 rounds at 12 reps each)

Movement 1: Rope pull throughs

This movement targets your hamstrings and glutes so be sure and squeeze your seat with all your might at the top of the contraction.

Video to see this movement in action thanks to the guys at Dynamic Duo Training!

Super set with:

Movement 2: Split squats with 10lb plates per hand 

Oh guys, I’m sorry for these. You’re going to hate me – but love me all at once. Elevating your back leg on a bench further accentuates the load on your front (aka working) leg. Adding the 10lb plates (or dumbbells) in each hand challenges you even further (feel free to skip the additional weight until you get the hang of the movement). Be sure the top of that back foot remains firmly pressed into the bench and the knee of your front leg never travels past your toes. Keep your gaze straight, shoulders back and chest up. Posture during movement is crucial!! I like to focus on keeping my toes up and driving down through my heel for a little hamstring work (this movement is quad-focused).

Video to watch this movement in action via!

After all 4 rounds are completed, immediately move into:


Movement 3: Reverse deficit lunges (2 blocks high)

I happen to love these bad boys. Working from a deficit gets your hips below parallel which will help anyone who has trouble getting into a deep squat position due to tight or uneven hips (I have scoliosis and this move really helps me counterbalance any asymmetry I have during traditional lifts requiring both legs – deadlifts, squats, etc.).

Plant one leg firmly on the step and begin to lunge backwards with your opposite leg. Your core should remain engaged to prevent you from toppling over. Complete 12 per
side and that’s one set.

Video to watch this movement in action via Dr. Dan Pope!

Movement 4: Box shuffle (30 total) – this plyometric movement will keep your heart rate elevated and quads engaged!

Video to watch this movement in action thanks to!

After all 4 rounds after complete, immediately move to: 


Movement 5: Step overs (6 blocks high) 

Check out that step! 1980s revival!!

Using the same step from earlier, add another 4 blocks to each side and get right to it. This one-legged movement will test your core, balance, leg AND glute strength. One caveat – watch those knees!! Make sure you’re not bending/contorting your knees. Slow and steady for this movement – pay attention to your mind/muscle connection!

Video to see this movement in action via Train Online!


Movement 6: Med ball thrusters

Grab a suitable weight for you and get moving! This will give you a tiny bit of upperbody work as an added bonus.

Video to see this movement in action via Danny Walker!

Workout complete!

That’s a wrap, guys! I hope you give this workout a shot – and if you do, please let me know what you thought.

And as promised – the good news!! When you’re sore the two days proceeding this workout (and you WILL be sore) – draw yourself a HOT Mustard Bath. Trust me. I’ve blogged about my love of Dr. Singha’s Mustard Bath and I promise you it won’t let you down. Sore muscles. Insomnia. Stress. This stuff is amazing.

Okay lovies – go forth and lift!!



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