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Promises to My Partner


On the blog I’ve talked quite a bit about practicing self-love and making promises – promises to love ourselves and strive for grace over perfection – and it got me thinking.

What about making promises to our partners?

As we all reflect on 2016 and what we aim to achieve in 2017, I encourage you all to make some promises to not just yourself – but the person standing by your side who loves you through all of life’s ups and downs. And in case you need some inspiration, I’ve decided to share mine!

I promise to never say “I’m Fine” when I’m clearly not

You’re not a mind reader, so I won’t expect you to be. Talking about feelings isn’t the most comfortable thing to do – but who said adulting was easy?!

I promise to let you be true to yourself

We’re different, and that’s what I love about us. You continue being authentically YOU.

I promise to always have your back

This made me think of a King of Queens episode where Carrie puts a ban on all of Doug’s favorite restaurants, his car wash, and dry cleaners… all because they pissed her off. Beyond boycotting neighborhood establishments, I promise to be right by your side.

I promise to accept you always and forgive quickly

Life is too damn short to hold onto anger and grudges. I can’t promise I’ll never get angry, but I do promise to let that shit go. And accept you – for exactly the man you are today. Because that man is pretty freakin fantastic.

I promise to help you become a better man

However I can help you reach for your dreams, I will. I’m your cheerleader. Your biggest fan. And I’ll always be in your corner.

I promise to show you appreciation

Every cup of tea, every errand you run, the hours you spend listening to me ramble about who knows what… I appreciate every single thing and I will do my very best to always express just how much it means to me.

What about you, lovely readers?? What are some promises you’ll be making to yourself – and to your partner – in the New Year??



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