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My Experience with Microblading 

It seems like everyone is stepping up their eyebrow game in a major way these days. Anastasia made a name for itself for their endless collection of eyebrow gels, pencils and kits (wtf is an entire kit devoted to eyebrows, btw?).  If you’re anything like me, your brows have run the gamut of fashion dont’s,… Continue reading My Experience with Microblading 

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Protein-Packed Green Cakes

I’ve decided life is too short to eat the same ol’ boring breakfast every day. I’ve also decided to quit thinking about food as inherently “good” or “bad.” If you’ve ever prepped for a show or tried to adopt the mentality of “eating clean” you’re well aware of the stigma that exists in the fitness… Continue reading Protein-Packed Green Cakes

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More & Less in 2017

I used to be one of those people that had to make a New Year’s resolution. I just had to have goals to keep me on track. I credit that to 1) being driven AF and 2) being single. I was on a full-fledged quest to become the very best version of myself. Competing in… Continue reading More & Less in 2017