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More & Less in 2017

I used to be one of those people that had to make a New Year’s resolution. I just had to have goals to keep me on track. I credit that to 1) being driven AF and 2) being single. I was on a full-fledged quest to become the very best version of myself.

Competing in crossfit. Completing triathlons. Developing a love for bodybuilding. Competing in a fitness competition. Traveling the world with friends. Traveling the world alone. Chasing a new career. Receiving a promotion. Being a more engaged family member. Being a better friend. Learning to cook. Learning about wine.

I’ll save y’all some time. It was a LONG list.

As each year rolled in, I’d set my resolutions in stone and work incessantly to achieve them. But there was always something missing. I needed to be 100% happy ON MY OWN instead of looking to fill myself up with goals and resolutions.

It’s only after I stopped seeking what I wanted and let what I wanted find me have I truly become happy and content. 

And so, I’ve learned an interesting, yet valuable lesson. Resolutions are bullshit. G-d laughs when we make plans. So in 2017, rather than make an exhaustive list of resolutions and accomplishments to chase after, I am simply making a conscious effort to do more… and less… of things that either bring… or rob… me of joy.
And here they are:

More purpose.

More self-love.

More grace.

More exploration.

More weights.

More hot yoga.

More foam rolling.

More patience.

More reading.

More cookies.

More love.

More time at home.

More puppy!

More living.

Less existing.

Less technology.

Less self-criticism.

Less worry.

Less stuff.

Whether you’re a resolution person or not – I sincerely hope 2017 is chock full of wonderful things that bring you happiness and joy. And if it doesn’t, just let that sh*t go.


Cheers to the excitement of a New Year! Stay happy beauties 🙂



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