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Protein-Packed Green Cakes

I’ve decided life is too short to eat the same ol’ boring breakfast every day. I’ve also decided to quit thinking about food as inherently “good” or “bad.” If you’ve ever prepped for a show or tried to adopt the mentality of “eating clean” you’re well aware of the stigma that exists in the fitness industry that labels one food “good” while labeling another food “bad.”

Week ONE of prep for my fitness competition my coach had me eliminate ALL packaged foods. Coconut aminos and nonstick coconut oil cooking spray. Unsweetened almond milk and protein powder. Anything that didn’t come directly out of the ground or directly from an animal was “bad.” And sure, clean eating works. I saw results. But at what cost? The idea of eating pancakes two years ago was a DREAM so far from reality – a reality that quickly became distorted when I began quickly labeling all foods good or bad.

The problem with this approach (in my humble opinion) is that life is not black and white. Nutrition isn’t (and shouldn’t be) so cut and dry. Coaches/nutritionists who give the same meal plan to every client simply don’t know WTF they’re doing. COOKIE CUTTER DIET PLANS DON’T WORK.

While I’m not a nutritionist, I know what works for me. And what works for me is being aware of the nutrients I put into my body and letting my body tell me which work for me and which don’t. This allows me balance and the ability to enjoy life. I choose nutrient-dense foods as often as possible while understanding the only way to sustain this lifestyle is to make it just that – a lifestyle. A protein-packed salad with a glass of wine because #balance.

Pardon me as I step off my soap box. I am just so passionate about empowering fitness-minded individuals with the knowledge that it’s okay to live. It’s okay to have pancakes instead of egg whites for breakfast. And speaking of my favorite meal of the day…

Here is a sure-fire game changer to switch up your boring breakfast routine. These pancakes are packed with protein, slowly-digesting carbs to fuel you and some healthy fats to keep blood sugar and insulin levels at bay. Make them. Like, now!



Protein-Packed Green Cakes


  • .3 Cup Kodiak Cakes – Power Cakes
  • Handful Baby Spinach
  • .5 Cup Egg Whites
  • .25 Cup Silk – Unsweetened Cashew Milk
  • ¼ scoop Pescience Select Protein – Snickerdoodle
  • 3 Strawberries, sliced
  • 1T Buff Bake Almond Butter – Cake Batter
  • Walden Farms Syrup


Heat small pan over medium heat and spray with nonstick cooking spray. Combine all ingredients into a blender/bullet. Blend until smooth. Pour batter into pan and when they begin to bubble around the edges, flip and continue cooking for about a minute. Serve warm with Walden Farms syrup, slices strawberries and almond butter. Or whatever you want. Because like I said, there are no rules J

Macros are for recipe as listed above

Calories: 352

C: 27 F:  10 P: 38


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