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My Experience with Microblading 

It seems like everyone is stepping up their eyebrow game in a major way these days. Anastasia made a name for itself for their endless collection of eyebrow gels, pencils and kits (wtf is an entire kit devoted to eyebrows, btw?). 

If you’re anything like me, your brows have run the gamut of fashion dont’s, including the over-plucked catapillar-looking brow, the too-arched brow, and the bushy/no-shape brow. 

I decided to quit dropping execessive amounts of cash of monthly Sephora runs (Anastasia DipBrow is pricey!) and take the plunge. I decided to get microblading. 

I knew I’d want a trusted artist since the idea of permanent makeup seems… oh I don’t know? Permanent? I spent countless hours researching and finally came across Cindy Vu with Beauty Elements. Her customers seemed to only have amazing reviews (and results) so I bit the bullet and made an appointment. Only to be told she was booked out five months in advance. 

Say whaaaa?! Damn. I guess I wasn’t the only one ready to jump on the microblading train. So I made my appointment and waited. Waited and researched. Researched and overanalyzed. Researched and worked myself into fear of having someone scrape my face open while I’m wide awake. 

I may be slightly dramatic. 

But really. Who else thinks anything pertaining to your face that includes “blade” sounds terrifying?! Please tell me I’m not alone. 

So what is microblading, you ask?! 

Microblading is the technique of using a handheld tool to create hair-like strokes in the skin to deposit dye into the skin. 

The procedure itself took about 90 minutes, but I actually had a consult first to ensure I was comfortable with the shape and color. After all, this my FACE people. 

Did it hurt? Well, it’s not comfortable. But the amazing Cindy Vu numbed my skin for about 20 minutes so while the outline felt sensitive, the hair strokes inside my eyebrows themselves just felt like someone was scrapping my skin with a needle. Not tear-inducing but definitely not nap-inducing as Cindy told me many of her clients fall asleep (that’s just cray cray to me – there is an exacto-knife looking apparatus near my eyeballs. Who can sleep with all that happening?!). 

Hong long does it last? Cindy told me it should last 1-3 years, with touch up treatments needed once a year or so. 

Here is my before and after – knowing my brows will lighten up. They’re always the darkest in the days immediately following the procedure. 

I’m in love! Being able to leave the house with a light coat of mascara and a swipe of foundation is amazing! Thank to you Cindy Vu for elevating my brow game!

Any experiences with microblading? Any questions? Feel free to ask!



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