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All You Need is Less. Tips for Maintaining a Minimal Wardrobe

For the last year or so, I’ve deliberately set out to streamline my closet and curate a wardrobe I love. Today I thought it would be helpful to share a few of the ways I keep my closet minimal with you.

  1. Before purchasing any item, ask yourself a few questions.

Does it fit well? Will it match my current wardrobe? Is it made of quality fabric? Do I feel like a million bucks in the dressing room? Investing in timeless pieces of high quality is a sure fire way to add longevity to the items in your closet. I now steer clear of retailers who create clothing by cutting corners, use synthetic low-quality fabrics, or simply don’t withstand the test of time.

  1. Buy one, donate one.
    I now live by this rule. Each time you acquire a new article of clothing – donate one. For example, over the weekend I scooped up a new black dressy tank from the J Crew outlet. It has a supple silk trim, cotton base and will pair nicely with jeans, leather leggings, shorts, and more. As I stood at the register I conducted a mental inventory of my closet and immediately knew which black tank would be dropped at Goodwill when I returned home. This approach allows me to curate a thoughtful wardrobe without guilt since I know each time I procure a piece of clothing I’m not undoing the hard work of streamlining my closet!
  2. Unsubscribe from promotional emails.
    I no longer receive tons of junk emails promoting brands or items of clothing I do not need. Having fashion “in my face” (or rather, in my inbox) makes it harder to say no – so I simply don’t put myself in temptation’s way.
  3. Give everything a home.
    I realize installing a custom closet system is not in the cards for everyone, and that’s ok. For years I would haphazardly shove my clothing into dresser drawers, resulting in tangled, wrinkled clothing that I could never “grab and wear.” I also spent entirely too much time looking for where I last put something – a cocktail dress I hadn’t seen since the last wedding we went to, my compression running socks I hadn’t seen since my last race… you catch my drift. Tired of feeling frustrated every time I got dressed, I decided to take every single item of clothing I owned out of the drawers/closet. I folded them according to the Kon Mari Method and put them away – neat and organized. Now when I get dressed, I can see everything and getting dressed is a breeze!

If I can suggest one thing when it comes to streamlining your closet, I’d say love your clothes. The more we love something, the better we care for it. So if you look in your closet/dresser and don’t love what you see – sell it, donate it or give it away to someone who will appreciate it!


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