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LOVE is in the Air

Whether you buy into the hype of Valentine’s Day or not, there’s no denying love is in the air. Regardless if you’re feeling a bit more like Grinch than Cupid, I’m here to remind you that love really is the answer. Because whether you’re in a romantic relationship or not it’s irrelevant. Love is everywhere. It’s just our job to see it.

With V Day being a day away, I spent my savasana (those blissful few moments at the end of hot yoga) taking a quick inventory of all the places love resides in my life. And now I challenge you to take a look around and NOT find love. And just in case you need a gentle nudge,  why not start here:

  1. Your girls. Did you know there’s now an entire day to the love you share for your girlfriend? Of course such a holiday could only be created by a fictitious character – but either way, I love it. The role my girlfriends play in my life is nothing short of amazing. From the hours of crying over what seemed like a lifetime of awful first dates, to hearing every detail about falling in love my dreamboat of a boyfriend, to work and career woes, to family frustrations, house renovation nightmares… these chicks even listened patiently for nearly an entire year bitching about how HUNGRY I was prepping for a bodybuilding competition. I mean… they all deserve gold stars. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a quality over quantity type of girl. So for me – look around at the few women closest to you. Maybe they’re friends you see every day. Maybe they’re the friends you only see once a year. Perhaps you’re related and perhaps you’re not. Whoever they are in your life, take a moment to appreciate the love you share. And since life is short, why not go tell them. Like now. Go! I’ll be here when you get back 🙂
  2. Your family. No family comes without its occasional (or sometimes frequent) drama. You mix a few personalities across a few generations and surely sparks will fly. But if your family is anything like mine, they love you with all they have. I can recall many times throughout my life where the chips fell – and my family showed unwavering support. Take a few moments to appreciate them and the bond you share.
  3. Your fur baby. If you have a pup (or cat, if you’re into those sorts of things) go kiss them now. And if you don’t… well go get one. Because I will put all my money on the fact that life is better with a dog.
  4. Yourself. Ah, the relationship we all tend to put last on the list. Do yourself a favor tomorrow. Hit the gym. I know that might sound crazy – you’re probably working and possibly having dinner with your significant other, or a friend, or even relaxing at home with a movie and takeout. And any of those options are just fine. But go break a sweat. Not because you’re punishing yourself for some chocolates you ate – but because you can. Because you’re able-bodied. Because you love yourself.

So whether you’re in a relationship or not – go tell someone special you love them. Because love is in the air. We just need to be open to seeing it!



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