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Jet Setting with Jenn & Ken – The Singapore Airlines Experience {Part III}

Before I begin, I must be honest. I LOVE to fly. Whether it’s a 45 min flight to Vegas or a 16 hour flight to Asia… I LOVE it. Therefore, if you are an individual who hates to fly, than my experience flying Singapore airlines may not be of must interest to you. That is precisely why Jenn and I decided to give you our individual takes on our around-the-world flight experience.

Kudos Singapore Airlines! With a mixture of new technology and the vast changes to business/first class experiences, it did not fall short of any expectations. My last business class experience to Asia was with Cathay Pacific, a known leader for Asia airways travels. The service on Cathay is next to none, so to say Singapore is any better wouldn’t necessarily be truthful. The main difference in the two airlines has to be booking a flight using miles. Cathay Pacific has a partnership with American Airlines so racking up American Miles using my Citi American Airlines card is an easy feat. Reserving an “awards” ticket, though, is near impossible under the Cathay Pacific system. Since there is no gateway portal to do so online (as of 2015 – last time I tried), it turned me off from racking up AA miles for future travel. Not to mention, once you had enough miles you then must call in and have an operator book your ticket. It became of those situations where you’re constantly calling and most of the time there are no available tickets. It was very frustrating. So needless to say, I was pleased at how booking with miles via Singapore Airlines was easier in comparison.

Now that I’ve already covered how we booked our tickets, let’s talk service and experience!!

Those of you who have flown out of LAX know how much it sucks. Nothing about that airport is enjoyable. It is small, dirty, crowded, and nearly impossible to get to. To my surprise, the international terminal was quite the opposite. While it may not necessarily compare to some other international airports, it surely has come a long way! The business lounge was especially nice! Singapore Airlines doesn’t have its own lounge at LAX, but it does share a nice lounge with several other airlines under the Star Alliance program. Located on the 5th floor in the Tom Bradley terminal, the lounge is large and features a buffet with multiple options, alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages, comfortable couches, shower area, as well as an outdoor section to watch the planes take off! It really gets you in a warm and fuzzy mood before a long flight!

Time to fly Singapore business class! Lets start off with the seat. It’s YOOGE.  

Jenn and I could easily share the seat if we really wanted too (we actually did at one point!), and it would still be 100 times better than an economy class seat. Our seats were completely lay flat, allowing you to sleep the entire flight if you so choose. If you’re not a fan of the flying experience, that probably sounds ideal. For me, however, I like to take full advantage of the entertainment and food portions of a flight. Singapore Airlines provides a “book the cook” option allowing passengers in business and first class to reserve a special meal prior to take off. Before I dabble on what I chose for meals, I’ll also mention the seats come with an 18-inch LCD screen with a wide variety of movies and television shows to watch.

OK. The food! Book the Cook provided us with a wide array of western and eastern choices on our way to Narita:

• Grilled free-range chicken with fettuccine pasta and wild mushroom sauce

• Peppered fillet mignon with mustard jus, chanterelle mushrooms, fava beans, and paprika red potatoes

• Seared Chilean bass with creamy saffron sauce, baby vegetables and wild rice

• Steamed crab ravioli in creamy lobster sauce with mixed vegetables

• Beef Sukiyaki with steamed rice

• Prawns with preserved cabbage, sugar snap peas, and steamed rice

• Stir-fried pork with wood ear, enoki mushroom, bell peppers, and steamed rice

• Sweet and sour fish with fried noodles

• Wok-fried black pepper chicken with carrots, zucchini, gingko nuts, and steamed rice

• Toasted multigrain country bread with herb cottage cheese, grilled vegetables and fresh berries low fat yoghurt (Breakfast only)

If for any reason you weren’t satisfied with the book the cook options, they had a wide variety of choices on their regular menu. And outside of set meals, there were a TON of snacks in case you were hungry at any point during the flight. I definitely took full advantage of the ramen noodles and donuts mid-flight while I binge-watched a ton of movies.

The 12-hour flight to Narita was quite painless. Even Jenn said it wasn’t bad and she doesn’t love long flights. I didn’t get to sleep at all on the flight so not sure if that helped me or hurt me for the trip. Overall, it was a wonderful experience and put me in an awesome mood and ready to start our long vacation!


Holy huge seat!! This bad boy felt like a little living room! The only thing I didn’t initially like was how far apart our seats were. But as Ken mentioned, the entertainment system had more than enough options to keep me occupied. I binge-watched two of my favorite tv shows (Big Bang Theory and New Girl) and watched a movie before nodding off to sleep. As you see from the Book the Cook options above, we had a ton of food to choose from. Normally I never eat airplane food. Those who have ever flown with me know I love packing a ton of fresh veggies, hard-boiled eggs (sorry to the people sitting around me), and plain almonds. But given the reputation of Book the Cook, I skipped the purse snacks and took a leap of faith that I’d enjoy some healthy-ish eats on the flight. Singapore Airlines also has a few in-house sommeliers so the various wine selections were a nice perk.

All in all, the experience was amazing. Between the champagne, a few health magazines, cool towel and fresh fruit upon arrival, the staff went above and beyond to ensure our experience was top notch straightaway. My meals (pictured below) were aplenty, and the sea bass was surprisingly fantastic.

Between the meals, wine, service, and entertainment, our flight flew by (Asia makes me so punny!) and I now blame Ken for spoiling me to the point of never being able to make this trip any other way. Guess we better start racking up those miles again!!


Jenn & Ken

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