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In-Flight Essentials You Need

Gosh, what a whirlwind it’s been coming back from nearly A MONTH of vacation. Between fighting jet lag (struggle busing my way through the day!), getting back in the swing of things at work (of course I forgot ALL of my passwords which resulted in a 2 hour call with IT and a new laptop being overnighted to me), and getting back into my favorite cooking/workout routine it’s been one thing after another!

But that’s not why I’m here today. Today I’m here to share with you the absolute best in-flight essentials to get you through your next flight. Whether it’s a quick flight for a weekend getaway or a long-haul flight to the other side of the world, you’ll want to stock up on these must-haves to make your next flight easy peasy.


Personally I like to keep makeup to a minimum on flights. I stick with mascara (you can find a few of my current faves here and here) and a basic foundation (my absolute favorite can be found here). Given how drying flights can be, I purchased a rose spray to stay hydrated and became completely obsessed. I was spritzing Ken before I knew it – and he loved it! So far I’ve loved every single product from Jane Iredale because it’s easy on my skin and doesn’t exacerbate my eczema. If you have sensitive skin or are simply looking for some eco-friendly options, this is the brand to check out.

Another part of my body that becomes super-duper dry mid-flight are my hands. Thanks to a “my favorite things” holiday party with girlfriends, I discovered this shea butter hand cream that conveniently comes in a travel-sized tube. I think I am forever hooked! (Ken totally dug this, too!)


I strongly believe there are two types of women in this world. Tell me which category you fall under:

  • The chicks who get completely decked out to fly – I’m talking heels, jeans (like whyyyy!?), hair all done up, full face of makeup, etc.
  • The chicks who thank the good man (or woman) above for making athleisure wear cool.

I had zero time for jeans and heels knowing I had a full 24 hours of travel ahead of me. Instead I dressed for absolute comfort. Enter the most comfortable pair of Lulus I own. Now let me preface – these bad boys are not meant for actual exercise. I know. Dropping stupid amounts of cash on workout pants you can’t actually workout in sounds ridiculous. Don’t judge me. These pants are high-waisted and hug in all the right places. Only problem (seems to be a reoccurring complaint on their website) is they pill. So I justify the obsession by promising I will only wear them to walk around and sit in. So the pants might be a nice-to-have, but this scarf is a MUST-HAVE. This scarf comes with me everywhere I go and often acts as a scarf, pillow, head wrap (when you just need some privacy to get your nap on and don’t want anyone judging while you sleep with your mouth open).  It comes in a ton of colors and goes on sale every once in a while so keep your eyes out! I paired my outfit with this top, which unlike the crops, you CAN workout in. It’s great for running (or even the gym) since it has thumb holes to keep the sleeves in place. I love this shirt so much I have it in a few colors!


Well friends, I think that sums up the in-flight essentials I suggest you stock up on before jet setting off on your next trip.

What about you? I’d love to hear about your favorite flight must-haves!



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