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I’ve Found Your Perfect T-Shirt Bras!

Please tell me I’m not alone. Please tell me someone out there also owns an entire drawer full of bras that are either too old, too big, or too small.

Admittedly it’s been a few years since I purchased a new bra. Working from home and exercising 5 days a week is the perfect storm for an entire drawer dedicated to sports bras – which I procure wayyyy more often than I do a traditional bra. It’s been years since I treated myself to a comfortable, yet somewhat sexy bra I could wear under a white t-shirt and feel confident I wasn’t spilling over or being suffocated.

Related image
Large chested ladies – fear no more! I found the perfect bra in ALL sizes!

So off I went this week to Nordstrom in search of the perfect t-shirt bra.

And boy did I hit the jackpot.

After speaking with a lovely sales associate (Nordstrom really does have the most amazing, knowledgeable sales people!), she decided it would be easiest for her to come right on in the dressing room to show me some options. So in she came, and off my sports bra went. It was in that moment I realized bra shopping after coming straight from the gym was a bad idea. This poor woman had to actually touch me in all sorts of sweaty places but remained professional and unscathed. Her relentless will to find me the perfect fit was worthy of commission alone! For my fellow larger busted ladies, you know how difficult bra shopping can be. It’s like jean shopping! Or bathingsuit shopping. Actually now that I’m thinking about it, it’s like dating! You have to go through a lot of shitty choices before you get to the crown jewel!

So without further ado, here are the two perfect every day yet super pretty bras in which I purchased without hesitation (despite their hefty price tags). The way I see it, it’s so rare I treat myself to new bras, why not splurge knowing they fit well and will last? #qualityoverquanity

I scooped up this bra in sunset rose and love how smooth it appears under a t shirt despite having lace detail! Another huge (no pun intended) perk is it comes in a large array of sizes. So don’t go thinking “Oh that’s cute, but do they have it in my size?” Because chances are, they do!

I also snagged this bra in blush and it’s equally as pretty, comfortable, and available all the way up to size G! I honestly couldn’t decide between the two which is why I ultimately decided to buy them both.

I think the moral of the story here is… Don’t be like me. Stop neglecting your bra repertoire. Your girls deserve the luxury of comfort and beauty. March on down to your nearest Nordies and scoop yourself up one (or both!) of these.

Do you have a favorite bra the rest of us need to know about?? If so, please share!




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