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33 Lessons in My 33 Years

I’m 33! Thirty-freakin-three! How do some days move so so slow but suddenly you turn around and a whole year has gone by? I am officially three years older than when my mom was when she had me (and lord knows I thought that was SO.OLD.)!

For reasons unbeknownst to me, my birthday has always been a time of self-reflection. I love dreaming back to the last year of life and all of the beautiful gifts I’ve received (99.9% of which are completely unrelated to materialistic possessions, 1% being materialistic AF!)  and can’t help but feel optimistic about where life will take me over the course of the next 365 days.

I’ve shared lessons learned on the blog in years’ past and why should 33 be any different?! What are some of your greatest life lessons? Below are just a few of mine!

  1. Being right doesn’t always matter
  2. Less can be so much more
  3. Don’t buy wild prints, you’ll never wear them
  4. Quality over quantity, always
  5. Being nice actually feels good
  6. Exercise should never, ever be punishment for what you ate
  7. True love makes you feel like you could go out and conquer the world
  8. Being a selfless partner makes you a better partner
  9. True friendships are worth their weight in gold. Hold onto those special people real, real tight
  10. Appreciate your body for what it can do and stop fixating on what it looks like
  11. Never let a guest leave your house hungry
  12. Learn the difference between a bold, California Cab and a jammy, Australian Shiraz
  13. Develop a go-to 5 minute makeup regimen
  14. Never run out of dry shampoo
  15. Take your vacation days – you worked hard for them
  16. Make time for what makes your heart happy
  17. Learn how to deadlift. And squat. There is such beauty in strength.
  18. G-d really does have a plan. Have faith and trust in it.
  19. If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room
  20. Know your worth – and don’t be afraid to say it
  21. Work hard but be kind along the way
  22. Helping people grow doesn’t diminish your own growth
  23. Chase after your goals – the time will pass anyway
  24. Don’t give with the expectation of reciprocation
  25. Practicing gratitude can turn nearly any frown upside down
  26. Read often
  27. Negativity is toxic – don’t be a negative nelly and don’t surround yourself with them, either
  28. Time is the greatest gift we’re given – cherish it every single day
  29. Listen to what your body wants, but always give it what it needs (half the battle is learning the difference)
  30. Trust your gut
  31. Be the woman you needed when you were younger
  32. People who act like assholes are generally sad people. Treat them with compassion whenever possible.
  33. Life is sweeter when you let love in

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