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The Six Trader Joe’s Products You Need Now

Okay, I must own how completely MIA I’ve been! Between work and travel, moving and bringing home a puppy, I’m beat y’all!!

Not an excuse, but a fact – life has been crazy ever since Ken and I returned from our Asia trip in may. We immediately packed up our house, moved into our new one and just as we began to unpack, brought home a new 10 week old King Charles Cavalier named Ellie. And the next day my mom came to visit for 10 days. And after she left, I headed off for a week long business trip. I can’t decide if I need a nap, a glass of wine, or both!

However the intent of this post isn’t to vent about how much ish I have happening. It’s to share with you some of my favorite staples from Trader Joe’s – whether I’m doing a regular meal prep, trying to get back on track after too many meals out, or simply wanting to experiment with new foods and recipes.

So I thought I’d share some of my faves with you – six staples that are ALWAYS in my house. And tomorrow I’ll be embarking on a week long challenge with Mind Body Green and some bloggers I love, including Be Well By Kelly for a sugar detox. If you’re feeling inspired, join the challenge with me!!

And if you’d rather skip the challenge and stick to making some healthy weeknight meals, you need to go buy:

1) coconut aminos. FINALLY TJs is selling a yummy soy free alternative to soy sauce. Big bonus is the amazing price point we all love from TJs. This is half the price of their competitor over at Whole Foods (can we just talk about the Amazon acquisition and what that’ll mean for those of us who love the selection but cringe at the prices of WF?!)

2) Sweet Potato Spirals give me life. I love adding them to a stir fry or cooking them in a little coconut oil spray. These are clutch on days when the last thing you feel like doing is chopping up a big ol potato!

3) Am I the only one skeeved out by tiny shrimp?! These large shrimp are a perfect way to get in a TON of protein with little to no fat and carbs. They defrost super quick and are a staple in our house for weeknight cauli rice stir frys.

4) Carrot spirals are probably my newest obsession because they are thick and hearty and allow me to enjoy a big ol bowl of pasta without the carb coma to follow. I usually top these with red sauce, greens and nutritional yeast. It’s an amazingly nutrient dense gluten-free, vegan dinner that keeps me satiated (ken approved, too!)

5) Nothing crazy here – just good ol fashioned legumes! TJS has the best prices on organic beans and I love them for whipping up everything from salads to black bean avocado brownies.

6) Call me crazy but TJs has bomb ass Kimchi. It’s spicy and sour and pretty much as close to the real thing as you’ll get anywhere else.

I could seriously go on for days when I consider all of the products I love, but this is at least a solid start into the six staples I always have on hand.

What about you – what are some of your favorites from TJs?!



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