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Bathing in Mustard and Other Random Fitness-Related Faves

Bathing in Mustard. Okay, hear me out. Maybe you body build. Maybe you CrossFit. Maybe you run long distances. Or maybe you work a corporate gig and always feel tight, stiff and achy. Shy of shelling out major bucks on massages every week, what are we supposed to do to alieviate sore muscle pain? If you’ve… Continue reading Bathing in Mustard and Other Random Fitness-Related Faves

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Monday In Meals & The Importance of Nutrition Timing

Happy Tuesday, friends! While it’s no secret I love blogging about topics including friendships, love and fitness, it seems as though my nutrition related posts are most popular (THANK YOU to everyone who reads!) I figured why not share a day’s worth of healthy, wholesome meals. So let’s jump in! Here’s what I ate yesterday:… Continue reading Monday In Meals & The Importance of Nutrition Timing

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Cake Batter Zucchini Oats

You guys. I just can’t even hide this recipe from you. So I’ve been seeing tons of people posting on Instragram lately about Zucchini Oats and I just didn’t get it. So you want me to grate up veggies and cook them into my breakfast? I was skeptical to say the least. I am Captain… Continue reading Cake Batter Zucchini Oats

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Friendships Are Worth Fighting For

Isn’t it amazing how much friendships change as we get older? After I graduated high school and moved across the country to attend Arizona State, I fell out of touch with a lot of friends. And after graduating college and moving back to the East Coast (UP and DOWN the East Coast, actually), I also… Continue reading Friendships Are Worth Fighting For

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4 Ways I Make Health and Fitness Part of My Every Day Life

Have a buddy. Having a friend meet you at the gym or check out a new spin class is a really great way to keep yourself accountable AND have fun. You share the experience (what’s that saying about misery loving company?! Ha!) AND if time permits, you can enjoy catching up over coffee, lunch, shopping,… Continue reading 4 Ways I Make Health and Fitness Part of My Every Day Life

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Lately I’ve Been: March Edition

Cooking: All sorts of fun recipes! Last month in Cali, I made Julie’s Beef Bulgolgi for the boyf and I honestly think it may have been the best, most flavorful meal I’ve ever made. I ALWAYS get too lazy to make everything a recipe calls for. 9 times out of 10 if it calls for some… Continue reading Lately I’ve Been: March Edition

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Carbs are NOT the Enemy!

Confused about carbs?? It’s amazing how often I hear people say they’re going “low carb” or how they’re scared to eat that morning bowl of oats… and I just want to scream out “Carbs are not the enemy!!!”Now, that’s not to say I’d suggest hitting your local greasy spoon for a tall stack of pancakes… Continue reading Carbs are NOT the Enemy!