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My Go-To Skincare Routine

Ever since moving to the west coast, my skin has been dryer than dry. Eventually I became so embarrassed by my unsightly red, itchy, flaky skin that I went to a dermatologist. A $200 office visit later (YAY high-deductible health plans), I was told I have dry skin. Sweet. I think the doctor could see… Continue reading My Go-To Skincare Routine

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Affordable Fall Fashion Find!

I am fully convinced in the power of a minimalistic wardrobe. Procuring pieces that defy the test of time despite the latest season/trend. The piece that you can pull out of your closet blindfolded and still feel happy with your choice. I’m slowly working on donating items I just don’t wear and only purchasing versatile… Continue reading Affordable Fall Fashion Find!

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Packing and Planning for NYC

EEEEEK! Less than a week until Ken and I fly to NYC for an impromptu 48 hour work trip. Well, technically Ken’s working and I’m vacationing! And while I wish we were going to be there for a bit longer, I absolutely can’t wait. I moved out of NYC in 2009 and while I have… Continue reading Packing and Planning for NYC

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Bathing in Mustard and Other Random Fitness-Related Faves

Bathing in Mustard. Okay, hear me out. Maybe you body build. Maybe you CrossFit. Maybe you run long distances. Or maybe you work a corporate gig and always feel tight, stiff and achy. Shy of shelling out major bucks on massages every week, what are we supposed to do to alieviate sore muscle pain? If you’ve… Continue reading Bathing in Mustard and Other Random Fitness-Related Faves

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What I’m Loving Lately: Random Roundup

1) Summer dates – I plan to let this handy list inspire a fun summer of lovin with the boyf! Wineries? Romantic picnics? Yes please! 2) Blake Shelton eating sushi for the FIRST time. How is it even possible people who have never tried sushi still exist?! Either way – I nearly peed my pants at how funny… Continue reading What I’m Loving Lately: Random Roundup

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What I’m Loving Lately: Food Edition

Can we just take a moment and discuss the pure disdain I have for salad dressing. Ever since I was a kid, there’s just something off putting (okay, disgusting) to me about pouring oil on my food and eating it. Honestly it’s not even the unhealthiness as much as it’s the taste. Although it’s a blessing in disguise… Continue reading What I’m Loving Lately: Food Edition

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Lately I’ve Been…

Happy Hump Day! We’re halfway to the weekend 🙂 The other day I saw a post on one of my favorite blogs, Carrots N Cake, and Tina shared some random insights from everyday life, and I thought I’d lighten to mood over here and share some of my musings as of late. Enjoy! Lately I’ve Been…… Continue reading Lately I’ve Been…