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Life’s Too Short for Shitty Workouts

I get it. Not everyone loves to workout. It hurts. Sweating is gross. The couch sounds like a better idea. There’s an infinite number of excuses you can give as to why you hate working out. But here’s the thing. It doesn’t need to be that way. Hear me out. Working out doesn’t have to… Continue reading Life’s Too Short for Shitty Workouts

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The Time I Tried… Spin

I’ve never been into Spin. Just not my thing. After furiously riding a stationary bike for an hour, I’d dismount my bike – crotch numb and knees weak. I’d rather be running or lifting weights, personally. So when the offer came to try a complimentary class for fitness trainers in Atlanta, I kept an open… Continue reading The Time I Tried… Spin