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My hopes in creating this blog is to cover topics far extending fitness and nutrition, including love & relationships, body image & self-love, and overall health & well-being to prove that life doesn’t have to be “perfect” to be wonderful.

For as long as I could remember, I’ve loved fitness. Whether it was a big box gym close to home, a CrossFit Affiliate on the road, a local Barre studio or a triathlon in a different city – I love it all. I am a certified Barre instructor and a former NPC Bikini Competitor and although I may stand at 5’2, I bring intensity and determination to my training.

One of my greatest passions in life is sharing my knowledge and experience with others. Beyond fitness, I love educating myself and others about nutrition and how to fuel our bodies from the inside out. With that being said, I too have guilty pleasures such as tequila and soda (extra lime, please!), copious amounts of sushi, Twizzlers and pretty much anything chocolate!

I live with my boyfriend Ken and our sweet King Charles Cavalier Lucy (who both make occasional appearances on the blog!) and work in healthcare marketing.

It is my sincere hope to create an environment that encourages us all to help each other live happier, healthier lives.

Thanks for stopping by. Please make yourself at home!